Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lila's Room

When we bought our first house we were essentially fully unpacked and decorated in two weeks. Unpacking so quickly was really nice, because I can relax so much more in a house that doesn't have boxes or random items lying around everywhere--and without a to-do list two miles long. Well, when we moved here, between having a newborn, the most insane tax season of our lives to date, and Ryan studying for his second, third, and now upcoming final section of the CPA exam, we just haven't been quite as on the ball. We had all the boxes unpacked within a month or so, but decorations? Yeah right. After tax season, we did at least hang pictures and decorate downstairs. But the upstairs remained relatively untouched for a long time. Until now. 

I am happy to present our first almost fully completed room: Miss Lila Jae's bedroom. Her room all started with the perfect fabric that I found at Joann's an entire year ago, when I was still pregnant. I was thinking purple and brown for Lila's room. Then I found the fabric. And suddenly I was sold on pink, purple, and gray. You can see the fabric in the quilt draped over the crib below:

My mom made the crib quilt and bumper pads for me (she's amazing). Because she's extra awesome, she also made a diaper holder and a sweet little name pennant out of coordinating fabrics (pictured below). We found the little rocking horse at DI for a few dollars a few years ago. It was solidly built, but in serious need of a coat of paint or two. Ryan took it apart, sanded it, painted it, sealed it, then thankfully remembered how to put it back together! When we lived in St. George, we chanced a gray paint we found at Re-store ($25 for 5 gallons? Yes, please) and painted Reed's room. Unfortunately, when the paint dried, it had a distinct purple cast--not ideal for our gray, yellow, and black boys' room. Fortunately, we moved approximately one month after we painted and still had plenty of paint to cover Lila's entire new room with two coats of what was the perfect grayish purple tone for a grayish purple room.

The shelf is something we found in Ryan's parents' garage. The shelf used to be green, so we took it aparat and gave it a purple makeover. We found the chalkboard for a killer deal at Hobby Lobby--I've been wanting one forever to use for school pictures and the like, and Lila's room is where the chalkboard lives when no one is going back to school.  The white statue is a young woman holding a rose that my parents gave to me when I received my Young Womanhood Recognition Award. The statue is meaningful to me and I was glad to finally have a place to display it. One day the boys and I were playing with those little beads you put on forms then melt with the irons and I made a little chevron heart that I put in the corner of the chalkboard. And the bear? He's extra special. One year, my grandma made a bear for every one of her grandchildren--and she had a lot of grandchildren. She passed away shortly after she made the bears, so my bear is particularly important to me.

When we moved in, we set up our extra queen-sized bed in Lila's room because we were having visitors for her blessing and her actual crib was still in our room. We really liked having that bed--we love having somewhere for visitors (AKA our parents) to sleep when they are here, so we wanted to keep the bed in Lila's room. We had a pretty quilt on it, but the quilt wasn't quite queen-sized and the colors were a little off the colors in Lila's crib bedding. Honestly, the bed bothered me every single time I went into Lila's room. I saw a pennant quilt online and once again enlisted my mom's help. I got a deal on the white fabric, and all the other fabrics in the quilt come from her stash. I cut the triangles and heat and bonded everything--then  she blanket stitched, sewed the bias tape on, got a friend of hers to give me a ridiculous deal on the quilting, and sewed the binding. Thanks, mom!

My mom also surprised me by making two cute pillowcases to go with the smaller decorative pillows I made. Thanks again, mom! (I told you she's awesome!) Ryan and I wanted to DIY most of the wall decor, and when I saw this fabric hoop art I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I used scraps from the pennant quilt to make a few hoop art pieces to hang on the wall. (Sorry for the poor quality of the photo below, darn phone.) (Also, sorry for my toes. I didn't realize they were there until I posted this--whoops.)

I had a glitter berry wreath like this one from Krumpet's--but the glitter part was cracking off the berries and it wasn't really usable anymore. I yanked all the berries out and found a simple twig wreath underneath. I used more scrap fabric to whip up a few rolled fabric flowers, hot glued them on, and called it good.

 Ryan found a huge frame on the side of the road (literally) that he picked up one day. We stretched burlap around it and used a freezer paper stencil to paint Lila's name on. (Psst: can you name the font?). We were going to add something above and below her name, but couldn't ever decide what to add. In the end, though, I'm glad we didn't add anything--it would have been too busy.

 We sold our other rocking chair and found a fantastic deal on a solid wood rocking chair that we loved so much more. We found the little side table (not pictured well, sorry) at Re-store, and the mirror (the one casting the funny shadow on the wall) at Target for $3. No joke. (And no, we don't have two of the same quilt. The rocking chair is where the quilt usually lives.)

I still want to make a valance for the window--likely out of the same fabric as the crib quilt--and possible a frame/bow holder--but who knows how long it will take for me to actually get to those. For now, though, I'm so happy with Lila's room and am excited to start working on Reed and Asher's room!


Havalah Turner said...

I love it all, great color scheme

Brooke & Skyler said...

So cute. And I'm in love with the pennant quilt, it's so beautiful!