Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pumpkin Action

The boys add the word "action" to pretty much everything, e.g., "Should we get some lunch action?" "Mom, let's turn on some song action!" "Let's do some dance action!" So of course, one night for FHE we got pumpkins and the next night we did Pumpkin Action.

We bought our pumpkins very early. And we live on the surface of the sun.. Oh, and the boys don't enjoy carving, at all. So we painted, of course.

And I am well-enough acquainted with my children to know that any painting done wearing their shirts and pants results in ruined shirts and pants. Sorry for their immodesty.

Both boys decided to use letter sponge stamps my mom gave us a few years to paint their names on, then to paint a face on the other side. Asher then proceeded to paint almost his entire pumpkin purple. He really, really enjoyed himself.

(Reed's pumpkin)
A few weeks later, we did decide to carve our pumpkins. The boys and I cut off the tops and de-gutted the pumpkins while Ryan was at work (really, though, you know who de-gutted the pumpkins. It certainly wasn't the boys.) When Ryan got home, he and the boys went to town with the drill, drilling faces and hair.

All in all, a great start to our fall festivities.


Nicolas said...

Meg I just read all of your latest posts and they were all fantastic! Your three are all too cute. And thanks for posting all of those SG pictures. Loved em all.

Nicolas said...

this is definitely lynnie posting, though I'm sure nick would think your posts are fantastic too:)