Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sleep Woes {And Cuteness}

Lila caught a cold a few weeks ago and was ridiculously congested. Seriously, the amount of stuff I was getting with the bulb was just gross. And impressive. Grossly impressive. Anyway, as part of her cold she was also coughing and generally not feeling great--so her sleep suffered. Some kids sleep more when they're sick. Not Lila. She takes 40 minute naps instead of 2-hour naps, which only worsens her grumpiness.

Anyway, when she finally started feeling better, going down for naps became an issue--instead of going down right away, she would cry for 20 minutes, at which point I'd go in and rock her and put her back in bed (awake); then she'd cry for another 20-30 minutes before finally falling asleep. And wake up 40 minutes later. Thankfully, we've since made huge steps toward her going back down for naps well and sleeping for a decent amount of time.

During her nap issue week, it took her so long to go down for a nap that she was often still asleep when we needed to go get Reed from school, so I'd have to wake her up. I don't usually see Lila sleeping--she's a super light sleeper, so wakes up if I try to check on her. So I just had to take pictures of my sweet sleeping girl when I had the opportunity:

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