Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Staheli Farm and Halloween Party Awesomeness


The day after Ashie's birthday, we all went to Staheli Farms. I don't know if I can emphasize how much Reed loves Staheli. Seriously, I think it's his favorite family activity. We've gone each fall for the past three years (2010, 2011, 2012)--I don't even know if they're open year-round--but Reed asks about Staheli all year long.  Because we don't live in St. George anymore, I wasn't sure we were going to make it to Stahleli this year, but thankfully, we did.

The trip started out immediately with cuteness. First, Grandma and her three boys:

And then our two matching girls. They're matching underneath Lila's jacket. Trust me.

I realize that this picture shows otherwise--but Asher's favorite thing was the water pumps. I think we went back three times.

Reed might have gotten a little competitive in his race with Ryan.

I'll let you guess who won.

Cole and Ashie sent ducks back and forth to each other for a good ten minutes.

And the little ladies were {mostly} content to watch:

The corn slide was another popular activity. Lila got to hand out with Mandi while the boys played. I think she was okay with that.

And just as we were heading for the blob bouncer, we stumbled into a pig race. The boys loved it. As evidenced by Asher's stink face.

For each round they chose three kids to be "cheerleaders" and lead the voting for one pig. Reed got chosen, and he and I cheered his pig ("Breakfast") to victory! He got a special prize for helping:

We finally made it to the blob. Oh, how we love the blob. Luckily, we got there just in time for the little kids' jump. There weren't many other little kids, so Ashie, Reed, and Cole really enjoyed themselves.

Grandma and Maliya joined, too.

And LJ? She was just cute.

Next, we had to stop at the petting zoo, of course. Asher was pretty nervous, but actually ended up touching every animal. His "petting" consisted of a super fast, super light brush of his hand, then scampering away.

Next up: corn maze. While we waited for the tractor to take us over to the field, we had to pose for pictures. How could we not?

We were victorious, too, which is always exciting.

On the way back, we split into two teams to race. Ryan, Reed and I WON. Boom.

When we got home, I promptly put my camera away and failed to take any pictures of the cute Halloween party Mandi planned. (Fail.) We played roll a pumpkin, which is basically Reed's favorite game, and a cute matching game she'd made. If you know Asher, you know that he rocks the house at Memory and, consequently, it's his favorite game. My boys certainly approved of the party games! Mandi also made cute prizes--Witch's Warts (chocolate chips), Ghost Poop (marshmallows), Monster Scabs (golden grahams), Jack o' Lantern Teeth (candy corn). All three little boys pretty much died over the Ghost Poop, which was pretty hilarious to watch. My mom and Mandi also made a cute Halloween dinner for us: Bones (breadsticks) and rat nests (piles of noodles with baked meatballs that had vegetable faces on them). We had so much fun!

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