Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 36 (3 years!!)

He's three!
One day, totally out of the blue, Asher said, "Mommy, I love how soft our stairs are!" which he followed up with, "I love our pretty piano!"

I am kind of annoyed with myself that I didn't write down his three year stats. I do remember that he was 36.5 inches tall--and I have no idea what weight. Oh well :)

Asher has been really nervous at bedtime and naptime lately. I'm not sure exactly what he's afraid of, but he keeps telling me, "I'm scay-erd." We put on a nightlight for him, and at every naptime and bedtime we say a "special prayer" with him that he won't be scared. We also often review a list of things he can do if he's scared--which he can now recite--pray, think of the prayer we already said, cuddle his blanket and animals, look at his nightlight, think of Jesus, etc. The first week or so was not so great--he came out of his room 4-5 times before he would finally settle down and often came into our room at least once during the night. But now he's doing much better! He seems less worried about going to sleep (he isn't crying and fretting anymore at bedtime) and isn't coming out of his room at all anymore--just going to bed (for the most part, at least). 

Thumbs up for hot chocolate.
Asher loves to go up the stairs in various "tricky" ways. His tricky ways all pretty much triple the amount of time it actually takes him to make it to the top of the stairs. He lays down on each step and lifts his legs then the rest of his body up, he goas on all fours, he tries to hop--the possibilities for Asher and the stairs are endless.
Asher has another new trick: balancing on one foot. He usually holds on to something, but he's pretty impressed with himself and always finds someone to look at him to check out his awesome trick.

Ashie's new hat.
When Reed is at school, Asher always chooses to do school with me--he'd rather do school than play, which surprises me! I'm also impressed by his retention. He is doing a pretty good job of remembering the letters and what sounds they make. Something I've been working on with him is recognizing numbers. He can count, but if I showed him a 6, he had no idea what it was. We do a new number each week and he is doing great! He loves school and we have a fun time doing it together.

Pumping a water spigot--his favorite activity at Staheli farm (not that you can tell by his face!)
For Asher's birthday, I crocheted him a hat and a tiny Mike and Sully (from Monsters, Inc.). Asher loves to wear hats--he wears them around the house on a regular basis, even in the middle of the summer, so I knew he'd like the hat. What I wasn't expecting was his immediate attachment to Mike and Sully. He loves them! I also made a matching hat for his stuffed monkey which he is pretty pumped about, as well. If he's not wearing his hat, he uses it to carry Mike, Sully, and Monkey around :)

This is random, but Asher loves Minions (from Despicable Me) and had a Minion party--but what I love is the way he says "Minion": "Mini-un." It's super cute coming from him :)


Asher is still taking a mid-day nap that ranges from 1-3 hours. Yes, quite a range. It's usually around 2 hours but it's not uncommon for it to only be an hour or to go all the way to three hours. He wakes up from his nap and in the morning SUPER grumpy--but he's always been a grumpy wake-upper. For a while he was having trouble falling asleep at night and I was thinking about dropping his nap. First I tried moving his nap a little earlier (12:45 or 1 for a start rather than 1:30 or 2) and now he's fine! I also don't let him sleep past 3:45, which has helped, too.

Asher got a flu shot and really had a rough go with the side effects. He ran a fever and was pretty miserable for a few days. He happened to get a cold the week after, and any time he coughed or anything, he'd moan, "It's just from my shot...."

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