Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 37

Asher fells things passionately. I don't know if that even makes sense, but every emotion he feels seems to be multiplied by 100. If he's happy, he's the happiest boy ever. If he's mad, he's the maddest boy ever. He does not have a ton of in-between. Luckily, he's happy more often than he's mad--but when he is mad you'd better watch out! As a result, in almost every picture I have Asher is either crying or cracking up. Evidence:

Cracking up.
Asher has gotten on a "toot humor" kick lately. We were using the last of the honey and it made a tooting noise and he about died. He laughed for five minutes solid. Then, ten minutes later, he remembered how the honey had tooted and how funny it was and cracked up again. Two weeks later it was still hilarious. And if he toots? He is SO proud of how funny his toot is and makes sure to tell everyone that he tooted. It's a little bit out of control.

Ashie's current sleepmates: Blue soft, bee ball, monsters inc. guys (who cuddle inside his hat), monkey, and bee pillow.
Daddy helped Asher find a hiding spot for hide and seek. Asher was super pumped (ha) about it.
 More potty talk: one day I was helping Asher go potty at the park. As his pee hit the back of the toilet bowl, he said, "Mom! It's like a slide for the pee pee!" Totally.

Asher has been doing so much better with sleeping--he's not so worried at bedtimes like he used to be. We still do a special prayer, but I don't usually have to do his "what I should do if I'm scared" checklist anymore and he doesn't usually come out crying because he's nervous.


One day Reed was complaining about something and Asher told him, "Heavenly Father and Jesus don't want to hear your grumpy! They want to hear you nice!"

The boys have been on a knock-knock jokes kick lately. They have two favorites (Boo! Boo-who? Don't cry it's just a joke; atch, atch-who? Bless you!) they repeat over and over. They also like to make up jokes. Asher usually repeats one of Reed's joke or takes an existing joke and alters it a bit. His latest: "Knock Knock. Who's there? Bubba. Bubba who? Bubba Scrubba!" He is hilarious.

Asher told me his super hero name was "Super Ashie Bashie." Mine is "Super Mommy Tommy."

Asher still loves puzzles, k'nex, his matching games, doing school, and riding bikes. He still refers to himself and Reed almost exclusively as "the boys." He always remembers to pray for Sister Kay Kay.  We love him so much!


Nicolas said...

I can hardly handle how cute LJ is. And I completely love how 'boy' Asher is. Seriously. I also love his all-or-nothing attitude. I think his extreme excitement about things is why I like him so much:)

Mandi Rolfe said...

I love this cute kid so much!!! Passionate is the perfect descriptor of this kid. I can't believe that picture of his hiding spot. That's quite the hiding spot!! Ashie B is really growing up!!