Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Monthly Lila: 9

First, of course, stats:
Weight: 19.3 lbs. (67th percentile)
Height: 26 3/4 in. (20th percentile)
Head: 17 3/4 in. (80th percentile)
(Side note: I find it so interesting that all of my kids have followed this basic pattern--even Reed, at almost 5 years old, is about 20th percentile for height, about 50th for weight, and has a big head. Genetics, am I right?)

One of her favorite spots: under the coffee table.
Lila was so funny for the longest time about crawling. She definitely had the ability to get up on all fours, and would even take a crawl or two forward--but would always end up dropping down to her tummy and doing the cutest little bob and scoot move to get where she wanted. She'd put her arms forward, pull her body along, pop up, put her arms forward...etc. So cute. 

Spending time with her cousins!
Lila has been pulling herself to standing for awhile, but lately it's the only thing she wants to do--and she can pull herself to stand n basically anything! She very occasionally takes a few steps along, but mostly she just likes to stand and hit her hands on top of whatever she is using to stand up with. Basically, a second spent not standing is a second wasted. Her balance has improved a lot, which is nice--no more accidental topples. And she's figured out how to plop herself back down onto her bum when she wants to move to something else.

I have tried so many times to rotate this, and it's not cooperating--kindly turn your head to the right for optimal viewing.
Lila learned how to go from her laying on her belly to sitting up this month. This trick has made her standing up efforts much easier (for a while, she'd go from laying down to standing up--super impressive) and has made her much more content, because she's never stuck on her belly! 

Our happy little scooter.
Lila has definitely grown much more attached to me this month and is experiencing stronger separation anxiety. If I go out of the room, she starts crying and takes off crawling to find me.  Luckily, she can sometimes be appeased by her brothers and she's usually okay being in the exersaucer in the same room as I am (I use the exersaucer mainly when I'm cooking dinner, so she's not near the oven or underfoot as I'm walking across the kitchen). 

This month, I'm pretty sure Lila started using her first official word: Mama. Mama definitely started out as just babbling--and I thought it was still babbling, until several different times I walked out of the room when someone else was holding her and she started saying, "Mama....mama..." until I came back. She will also say "Mama" if she gets upset or needs something--for example, the other day she was in the tub and ready to get out. I was trying to take a picture of her so I wasn't responding to her reaches for me--so she started saying, "mama, mama" and fussing until I got her.

Saucin' it up.

Lila started waving on 10/3/13 and it's pretty much the cutest thing, ever. She usually is so excited that she waves with two hands. She waves any time she sees Ryan, Reed, or Asher after they've been out of the room. She is typically smiling and cooing, too. I love it!
Just using my legs to crawl on.
Lila has a total of six teeth now! Her top two teeth are just ridiculously cute.

Chillin' with her auntie.
We've recently started giving Lila a lot more table food and she has been a pretty good eater, so far. She still loves her oatmeal, so I usually start out meals with that, then give her a pile of whatever we are eating. When she's done eating she just starts spitting everything out. Awesome. She is still nursing (I'm shocked, too) and still hates the bottle.

So impressed with herself.
Lila's ninth month has been her best month yet for sleep. She takes two naps that are about two hours long each. If one nap is short, she compensates by sleeping extra long for the next nap. She is up for two hours between each nap, and three to four hours between her last nap and bedtime. She sleeps from 7-7:30, which is fantastic.

We love Miss Lila Jae!

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