Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Monthly Reed: 58 & 59

Hopefully Reed will forgive me for missing his 58th month post. Also, can you believe I have done this 58 times? Me neither.
The boys have been loving books on CD from the library.

Reed loves school. I think the biggest improvement I've seen is his handwriting. He's starting to write the letters really clearly, even when he's not tracing. His teacher has also started addition problems with him, which he loves. And at home, we've been trying out some subtraction, which he thinks is pretty cool, too!

For whatever reason, Reed decided to wear the back scratcher like this. For a few hours.
One morning Reed came into our room and Ryan and were cuddling (seriously, that's all we were doing). Reed yelled, "Get away from each other!" (He was ready to go get breakfast, the stinker :) 

I can't remember exactly what happened, but Asher had something and someone took it away, so Asher started crying. Reed said, "Seems like Asher wants it" in the most sarcastic voice. As I type this it doesn't seem that funny but Ryan and were both cracking up when it happened--you'll have to trust me.

Just some back scratcher dance moves.

Reed is so good with Asher and Lila. For the most part, he plays really well with them--and he always looks out for them. He really likes being the oldest, especially because it means he is the biggest. He likes that he can teach Asher to do things, too, since Reed already knows how to do them.

When something goes wrong Reed says, "Aww nuggets!" To my knowledge, this phrase doesn't come from a TV show or anything--just the mind of Reed.

Reed's newest favorite vocabulary word is "literally." He picked it up from me I think and uses it all the time--correctly. For example, "That is literally the biggest car I've ever seen." It's awesome.

Asher has been really nervous at night lately, so we've been saying a special prayer together at bedtime, which Reed is in attendance for. One morning I came downstairs and Asher told me, "I got nervous, so Bubba prayed for me." SO CUTE.

Reed has been in love with his white soft blankie forever--but it's newborn sized. We commissioned a huge sized one from Grandma--the turtle fabric in the bottom right. It's lined with silky, satiny material that Reed loves. His pillowcase is a silky one from grandma's house that he used every time we went--and on Valentine's Day she surprised him by sewing cute fabric with his name at one end and giving the pillow to him!

We were playing with a school game when Reed asked me, "Why does this look like church clothes?" I was so confused until I realized that the paper had an argyle pattern on it, and the only other experience he has with argyle is on the front of various sweaters/vests he or Asher have worn to church.

When Reed does quiet time, I'm often downstairs enjoying a little quiet. He told me one day that he comes down and peeks at me during his quiet time, then sneaks back upstairs! He's so silly.

Reed was playing with a robot he built and the head fell off. He, as the robot, said, "I hate when that happens." The best part was that he was trying to be funny and kept a totally straight face. And was it funny? Yes, yes it was.

This is probably weird, but when we think something is weird we often say, "Weee-ird" in kind of a sing-song voice. Anyway, one day Reed saw a kids climbing crazily at the park and said, "That's not safe. Weeeee-ird."

This is his band uniform. Those shorts? From the pirate costume he wore two years ago.
Soon after Lila really started scooting well, Reed told me he doesn't like it when Lila scoot because she's hard to keep track of.

There is nothing I love more than watching Reed during a dance party.
Apparently Reed has gotten used to running late, because one day we were getting in the car for story time and he said, "We better hurry! How late are we?" We were actually ahead of schedule for once :)

One day Reed asked if he could play the iPad, but I told him no. He responded, "Yeah, I've been playing game thing, so I guess I've had a lot of screen time."

More dance moves!
Reed and Asher put on a show for Mandi and Lila while we were in St. George. Reed opened with, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls....well just girls...thanks for coming to our show!"


Mandi Rolfe said...

Love that kid so much!!! Is it just me or is he getting taller? He seems really tall in all of these pictures. He has such a creative mind and is so smart.

P.S. I love reading the montly posts!

Mandi Rolfe said...

P.P.S. If you want a whole box full of books with
CDs let me know!