Thursday, November 21, 2013

Who wore it best?

If you haven't noticed, I love tradition. And matching. So when Lila's first Halloween came around, I knew exactly what she was going to dress up as: a penguin. Easiest decision, ever. I had a brief moment of panic the week before Halloween when I could not find said penguin costume ANYWHERE and was worried I had sent it along with other hand-me-downs to cousins. Thankfully, though, my mom found it at her house and just so happened to be coming to our house two days before Halloween. Phew.

Miss Lila looked so cute as a penguin and I got an excuse to wax nostalgic (like I  need an excuse, though, really). My three little penguins:
Reed, 2009
Asher, 2011

Lila, 2013

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Alexandra said...

They all rock that costume equally, although I do adore the bow edition that Lila sported! :)