Friday, December 13, 2013

Best of the Rest II

This post should (hopefully!) round out the Colorado posts. We had such a fun week with our cousins and these pictures didn't really merit a post of their own but were too cute not to share!

The two littlest! They are just shy of four months apart and were almost exactly the same size--Lila has a few inches on Finn but I think he will make those up soon! They were so cute together.
Doll enjoying a ball.
One day we made salt dough ornaments to send to Great-Grandpa--so much fun!
Grandma had a little present for all the kids and Asher and Cole were SO excited that they had matching wrapping paper that they did "cheers"
And they showed their presents off to me.
We did a cousin gift exchange. Kody made a scarf and badge for Asher, which Asher has worn literally every day since.
Kody was pretty proud of the gifts he made!

Mando with uncooperative Lila!
We were the first family in Colorado so got to spend some time with just Lynnie's family. We took the boys to see Santa. Reed and Cole loved it and Asher (true to form) refused to even look at Santa! They all cheesed it up for me, though.

Two littlest again, this time "sharing" a toy
With my Wild Kratt!

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