Sunday, December 1, 2013



Ryan's office had their summer party recently--in October. Though "summer" might have been a misnomer, it was certainly a party. We went to The Cooking Experience and had a fantastic time. The nice thing about the Las Vegas branch of Ryan's firm being so small is that when the entire group is together we can still be together, if you know what I mean--there are only ten of us, including spouses. At The Cooking Experience, we got to learn to cook and then eat our own four-course meal! We learned a lot of new techniques, including a knife skill that changed our lives forever. We had a very enjoyable time and would love to do it again!
Course 1: Caprese salad over fried polenta; Course 2: warm bruschetta; Course 2: handmade pasta with three choices of sauce; Course 4: creme brulee. 

Ryan getting his brulee on.

Chopping away.

I chopped quite a bit of eggplant.

I like this guy.

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