Monday, December 9, 2013

Gobble till ya' Wobble

We spent our Thanksgiving in Colorado. My sister hosted everyone (she is brave!) and we all had a wonderful time. The kids played well together--so well, in fact, that the adults got to enjoy each other's company! We ate a lot of good food (we did celebrate Thanksgiving, after all, in addition to three birthdays!) and had a lot of great fun.

Lila's favorite part of the trip: so many people around! Girlfriend is happy to crawl around and play as long as someone is nearby.

Asher's favorite part of the trip: the slide! My sister's house includes a slide that goes from the main floor to the basement.

Reed's favorite part of the trip: cousins! He and Kody were little best buds the entire time we were there. They were often joined by Cole or Hailey. Reed loved having so many people to play with.

My favorite part of the trip: family time, of course, and our game nights. I was also excited to meet Finn for the first time and see all the kids play together.

Ryan's favorite part: I'm just guessing, because I didn't actually ask him, but I think Ryan enjoyed having time to relax and talk with everyone, 'splorin' in the backyard, and watching football (which we don't have at home!) in Nick's theater. Oh, and NAILING the banana cream pie!

Thanks, Lynnie and Nick!

Cute Hailey led a turkey-making treat craft. The kids teamed up to make the place cards, too.
Four amigos. These boys had SO much fun eating every meal together and playing hard.
Baby girls!
Cheeeeeese. Just noticed Ryan's face. Classic.
More cheeeeeese 
How amazing is Finn's bib?
They were SO goofy!
We made the pies this year and, let me just say, the banana cream was heaven in a pie pan. And I don't even like banana cream pie. (Full disclosure: We may or may not have made three practice banana cream pies and did not succeed until we made the final.)

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Nicolas said...

In regard to the banana cream pie, the only thing that matters is that the final was a complete success, which it was. Thanks for sharing these pictures. It was fun to re-live the weekend:)