Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gonna Go Wild Like Wild Kratts....

Such a willing model.
Just a warning: this post has a lot of pictures. And I'm not kidding when I say a lot.

Asher's early start.
I'll get the talking part out of the way, though, and mainly let the pictures tell the story.

Penguin waddle. Ryan pointing out someone bending the rules?
We were in Colorado for Thanksgiving and Reed's birthday happened to be the day after Thanksgiving and well, what would be more fun than having a birthday party with your cousins? Right, nothing. Reed was so excited for his party and immediately decided he wanted the party to be Wild Kratts themed. I whipped up a creature power suit for Ashie to wear (Reed already had his from Halloween) (and by whipped up I mean I hot glued the entire thing instead of sewing like I did with Reed's) and we were ready to party. We had four games: first, the penguin waddle, where we did a relay race waddling like penguins with balloons between our legs; second, the cheetah chase, where everyone had a tail and had to chase the other players, trying to pull their tails out (we did a standing version and a hands and knees version); third, the hippo stomp, where we tied balloons around our ankles and had to try to pop everyone else's balloons; and finally the bunny/bear run, where you had to do a bear crawl down and a bunny hop back.

Cheetah Chase! I think Mandi is grabbing Asher's tail. I think Asher decided to stop after that! Notice Lila sitting in the dead center of the room.
Everyone joined in (well, except Asher, ha, who spent the party sitting on Grandma's lap, crazy boy) and we had a fantastic time. I think my favorite moment was during the hippo stomp: only Reed and Kody were left and they both got a hold of the other boy's balloon and neither could pop the other's balloon. It was hilarious. After a full five minutes we called it a draw. I also enjoyed Asher's early start--in the first game, he wanted to play, and Grandma helped letting him start a full minute early;). And can we forget Ryan's playful push? Ryan teasingly gave Reed a gentle push during the penguin waddle. Reed was already off balance and ended up falling over. Reed was NOT pleased. Thankfully, he recovered in time for the second race. Everyone got pretty competitive and I think everyone enjoyed the party!

Watch out, Mando! Reed's got your tail!
Reed got to open a lot of fun gifts (thanks, everybody!). Each time he opened something he'd hold it up and slowly rotate it to show everyone in the room--so cute! I think he has already played with everything he got and I can't even decide on his favorite--he loves them all! Reed requested I make him two crocheted guys (because I gave Asher two guys for his birthday)--I chose a Buzz Lightyear and an Alien. He liked them (sigh of relief) and has already commissioned his next crocheted guys: two Wild Kratts. Wish me luck.
We rounded out the party with cheesecake (yum!). Happy birthday, Reeder!

Crawling Cheetah Chase!
Hippo Stomp madness.
The balloons that would not pop! They are sitting on each other's balloons and bouncing to no avail!

Present time!
I started with a blue hat with one green stripe. Then Ryan talked me into adding ear flaps. And an R. And ties. Go big or go home, right? And if a five year old can't wear a "loud" hat, who can?

We all love our Wild Kratt! (If you're wondering about their shirts...Asher is grandchild number 5, Reed is grandchild number 3--we were doing pictures earlier :)
Blowing out his candles. We started with the two big fives (bought one, thought we forgot it, bought another one, found first one later.)--but Reed wanted more candles. I think Ryan put ten additional candles, which totally makes sense.
He's 55! Love his sweaty head crazy hair!
Cheesecake! Asher, of course, chose a treat over cake.

Grandma is such a good sport!

Hailey in action.
Kenny even had penguin arms.
Go Grandpa, go!
She spent the majority of the party chasing or chewing on balloons. 
Second round of penguin waddle: 1 legged for the adults!
Grandma's buddy.

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