Monday, December 23, 2013

Graham Cracker Houses

We've made gingerbread houses with my parents for the past few years. My wonderful mother makes ALL the gingerbread for us, which is amazing, because I've never made gingerbread and know I would somehow make the pieces uneven so I wouldn't actually be able to make a house. Anyway, since we aren't in St. George this year, and I still wanted to make gingerbread houses because I thought the boys would really, really enjoy decorating the houses this year, I decided to take the easy route: graham cracker houses.

Graham crackers were the best thing that ever happened to gingerbread houses. Seriously. Because they are so lightweight, you don't have to spend a lot of time holding the pieces together, waiting for the icing to dry. They just stay up. Amazement. We waited until Lila was asleep (she misses ALL the good stuff!), then teamed up: Ryan with Reed and Asher with me. We had a great time. My favorite features of team Reed's house were the bears sleeping inside, the santa bear on the roof, and the bridge. My favorite parts of team Asher's house were the bears sitting down to Christmas dinner and the teeter-totter in the back yard. We had so much fun!

The house Asher and I created--front view.

The house Asher and I created--back view.

The house Asher and I created--inside view.

The house Ryan and Reed created--front view.

The house Ryan and Reed created--side view. I tried to take a picture of the sleeping bears inside but the opening wasn't big enough for my camera lens!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

You guys are very creative with your houses!! Fun. :)