Friday, December 27, 2013


My friend Ashley had a giveaway on her blog for an advent calendar. I had been vacillating between buying an advent calendar and making an advent calendar--not to mention deciding what kind of advent calendar I actually wanted. Anyway, when I saw Ashley's giveaway, I decided to go for it and enter. I used to enter giveaways all the time, but haven't recently because I never win and honestly, it seems like a waste of effort. But guess what? I WON.

Yes, I won. 

I got the advent calendar just in time to start. Something I love about this calendar is that there are some activities that are super simple--like telling the legend of the candy cane or the nativity story--so they can be quick for the days that get crazy. They can also get more involved. And there are blank cards, so I could add in our Christmas party at church or other activities we wanted to do. We haven't done an activity every single day--but we've done one almost every single day, which counts in my book!

The night before we left for California, we had the Sister Missionaries over for dinner and decided to involve them in our activity for the night: making nativity scenes out of play-dough! Ryan teamed up with Reed, I teamed up with Asher, and each Sister made her own nativity. Teams Hambly went more for quantity, while the sisters focused on quality (as you will see below!). We had a great time and our grateful for our sister missionaries!

Ryan and Reed's nativity. Reed was adamant they include the stable. I love his angel on top that is doing forward bends! And the lamb in front of the manger is classic!

I got to team up with this goofball!

Sister Hungary's nativity scene.

Sister Dewey's nativity.

Team Mommy and Asher. Beautiful, right?


Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

I LOVE that you involved the missionaries! what a fun idea. and while you Hambly's did super, I do have to agree that the missionaries' nativities were, wow, kind of impressive.

Mandi Rolfe said...

Great work! I have to say that Reed's angel is my favorite part. What a fun activity for all of you! :)