Sunday, December 29, 2013


We spent our Christmas in California this year, so my sweet mom and dad came down a few weeks early to celebrate with us! It was a quick trip for them but we are so glad they came.

When they arrived, the boys immediately talked them into playing board games and hide and seek (and by "talked them into" I mean they asked once and my mom and dad immediately agreed to play! They are such good sports). Once dinner got in the oven, we got to open presents! Can I just say that opening a portion of Christmas presents early might be the best idea, ever. When the boys open presents from both sets of grandparents and us and Santa all one day it is a little overwhelming. But they had so much fun playing with the presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

Reed has had one thing at the very top of his list since he discovered it existed a few weeks ago: a marble run. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about marble runs. If you ask him what he wants, marble run is the only thing he can think of. I was already finished toy shopping when he decided he wanted a marble run, but luckily my mom wasn't. She fulfilled his wishes and dreams when he opened the box from her and it was a MARBLE RUN. Yes!

Ashie B got a cool imaginext Monsters University house and Thomas puzzles, which he was super pumped on. And Lila Jae opened her first ever present--she was super excited about ripping the paper because she LOVES paper--and got her very first doll stroller! So cute. My mom is making Ryan and I new bed quilt for Christmas, if I ever decide on colors, which I am super excited for.

After presents, we ate a wonderful birthday dinner Ryan made for me (lasagna, my favorite), then did our advent activity for the night: drove around to look at Christmas lights. We ended the night with Frozen Yogurt at Menchie's.

Thanks for coming down, Mom and Dad!
Lila could not stay away from Asher's present--she kept climbing on top of it. She was making him crazy!

Grandma saved the day when it was time for Ashie to finally open his present.
Reeder opening THE present
Can you tell how happy he is?

SO pumped!
Testing out the track.
A huge track, courtesy of Daddy.
Stone face  Jae with her stroller. Don't let her look fool you, she really did love it.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Glad they got to come spend an early Christmas with you. Sounds like it was fun! And Reeder is beyone pumped…love that happy face! :)