Monday, December 23, 2013

School at {our} house!

There are five little boys in Asher's preschool (Asher included) and the moms take turns teaching. We were the last in the rotation, so when time finally rolled around to have school at our house, Asher was SO excited. We had the letter "E." Most of the other moms had done a snack that started with the letter they were teaching, but I could not think of an E snack to save my life (except elephant ears, but I wasn't in the mood for frying dough, ha). Instead, I asked Asher what we should have for a snack. He immediately responded, "SMOOTHIES!!!! And toast. Smoothies and toast!" So smoothies and toast it was!

I planned a few activities: making elephant ears, having an egg hunt, using our ears to listen to sounds, making foam eggs"magically" change colors, and decorating and stamping envelopes an "E" pictures inside. Can I just say that it was a little bit crazy? But lots of fun, too. Asher really likes to color and make crafts--I think he's used to sitting for long-ish periods of time to do so because thats what Bubba does and Asher wants to be like Bubba. The other little boys--not so much! My timeline was a little off because I had planned too much time for crafts. They did love the egg hunt, though, and had a terrific time making noises to listen to with our ears. At the end of school, I let them play together while we waited for moms. Our race track was a big hit.

Overall, we had a great time--and next time I'll plan more games and less coloring :)


Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

looks like Asher had a blast!

Mandi Rolfe said...

Wow! I'm super impressed! Sounds like a fun little preschool. And I'm in love with Asher's elephant ears. So cute!