Friday, December 20, 2013

The Monthly Asher: 38

There are two things Asher says to me almost every day. The first--most times Dolly says "buh, buh," Asher says, "Mommy, isn't it funny how Dolly has two bubbas and I only have one?" The other--almost every time we get in the car, Asher says, "Mommy, isn't it funny how I am big enough for Bubba's chair but he is not big enough for my chair?" (The second stems from the handful of times Asher has ridden the the big booster in Ryan's car. Asher thinks he is SO cool when he gets to ride in the big chair! 
Listening to songs on his "Ashie Tag"--he always holds it right next to his ear.

I am happy to report that Asher is doing so much better at night. We still say his nightly special prayer, but I don't usually have to remind him of what to do if he gets scared and he doesn't really even mention being nervous or worried. Hooray!

Ho, ho, ho.
I wore a new pair of patterned tights to church. While we were in sacrament meeting, Asher leaned over and asked, "Mom why are those things on your legs?"

Something I want to remember: Asher is prone to spill things--particularly cups of water. He and Ryan have been engaged in battle: table for about six months. Asher is doing his best to keep the table wet. Ryan is doing his best to keep the table dry. I've started giving him cups with lids to help prevent spills--and he STILL manages to spill them. It kind of makes us crazy and is kind of hilarious.

Asher requests a picture of his lunch almost daily, crazy kid!
From the backseat: Asher: "Taking your hat off is reverent for the prayer."Reed: "Why?"
Asher: "That's just how it is Bubba. That's just how it is." 

One day Reed was trying to get Asher to hand him something and Asher said, "Bubba you are being SO grumpy! You need to ask in a nice voice."

Mom!!!! This sam looks like a 7! Take a picture!
Asher is loving school! He doesn't even get nervous anymore when I leave. And--warm my heart moment--any time he sees one of his school friends outside of school (usually at church) he says, "Mommy! Look! It's ______!" I'm so happy that he has a group of kids he likes because historically he has disliked every kid but Bubba. I'm not even joking--he used to tell me all the time, "I don't like friends." or "I don't like kids." I am so glad he finally likes people!

We were driving at night and Asher yelled, "Mom are all those lights Las Vegas like where we live?!"

We took Lila's month picture and Asher decided he needed a picture with a stuffed animal, too.
A conversation:
Me: Where should we hang the stockings?
Asher: The chimney!!!!!
Me: We don't have one.
Asher: Oh so we just buy one?
Me: You can't buy one.
Asher: but we have to do the fire! Do we just make some fires?
Me: We just pretend.
Asher: But we have fire sticks!!
{He just wouldn't give up!}

Santa and Rudolph wearing their preschool crafts.

Asher often repeats himself over and over when he wants something, even if you respond and tell him no. One day he wouldn't leave Reed alone about wanting a toy. This conversation ensued:
Reed: Asher, we talked about this, you only have to say things one time

Asher: You are being so grumpyReed: No I'm notAsher: Yes, you are. You are being very grumpy!

Grandpa and Asher were hiding during hide and go seek. They were in a closet and the light turned off. Grandpa said, "Asher are you okay?" Asher responded."Yeah, Grandpa." Thirty seconds passed and Asher said, "Grandpa I'm not okay!"

Got scared at Grandma's house. Luckily Daddy was willing to cuddle.

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