Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Monthly Lila: 11

Insert obligatory "I can't believe she's growing up so fast!" statement here. It really is true, though.

Lila will often hold her hand up and just stare at it, which is kind of funny to watch. I'm not sure exactly what her endgame is but she does it repeatedly!

Ryan has finally succeeded in teaching Lila to give high fives. She gets pretty exuberant about it and will usually hit your hand repeatedly if you ask for a high five.

Lila won't leave a headband in her hair anymore, and her hair is just long enough to be scraggly--so we've introduced the micro-ponytail an micro-pigtails. They kill me.

Another hand trick: over the past few days, Lila has started showing me what she finds. She will pick something up, then hold her hand up in the air toward me until I acknowledge the coolness of whatever it is she is showing me.

Using mom's legs to stand

Another new thing: Lila has started sharing bites. This sharins started as just showing me what she was holding while she ate. Then one day, I held out a bite for her to grab. She grabbed the food, ate it, then held out a bite for me to grab and eat. So cute :)

Standing by the lamb is way cooler than sitting by it!
We've been trying to teach Lila to give kisses. Currently, if you say, "Give me a kiss!" she immediately leans her head over to your face for you to kiss her. This can be dangerous, though, as when she's excited her head leans turn into head butts.

Lila is getting so fast at "cruising"! And yesterday (12/19/13), she let go of something on accident while standing and balanced for a few seconds before dropping to her bum!

Chillin' with Dad. Yes, that is drool. Ryan commented that Lila really must be feeling yucky because she was actually okay with sitting down with him for more than twenty seconds!
She has added a very occassional "da" and "guh" to her babbles, but mostly sticks with "muh" and "buh." She still has the two words, "mama" and "bubba"

At church, we sit behind a family who has a baby just a month or two younger than Lila. The two babies are really funny to watch together. They try to poke each other's faces, steal each other's toys, and generally have a good (?) time on the floor. We've taken to calling Lila the bully jokingly because she is often the stealer of the majority of the toys.

Occupational hazard of having two brothers.
I think two top teeth are working their way in. Between the teeth and a bout with the flu, Lila has been grumpier than normal and not sleeping quite as well. She has also been weird about eating--going from eating everything in front of her to being pretty picky. Over the past two ish days, though, her eating has improved and her grumpiness has decreased, so I'm hoping we're on the downward swing.

We love our big girl!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love that sweet girl! And those two teeth in the front seriously kill me! So stinkin adorable.