Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Monthly Reed: 5 YEARS!

One morning I reminded Reed that it was a preschool day. He tapped his head and told me, "I already know. I got like a calendar in here."

Where's Reed?
Found him! (Psssst...look how much he's grown)
Reed recently discovered that he is strong enough to hold Lila and now requests to hold her all the time. While we were in Colorado at Thanksgiving, cousin Hailey would often offered to hold Lila--which would quickly be followed by a request from Reed to hold Lila. He has also discovered how to (gently) hold her around her middle and lift her away from things she shouldn't be getting into. He is simulateously helpful and scary :)

Trying to find Asher. This blanket was a decoy.
Aunt Mandi was using the laminator and Reed said, "Mandi do you need me to tell you about laminating?" Mandi told him thanks, but she already knew about laminating and he ignored her and responded, "It's paper you like put inside of this machine so it gets shiny and doesn't break."

One day Reed decided that Smarties are called Smarties because they make you smart!

Just being crazy. Per his usual!
Reed was super pumped about his birthday this year and got really tired of waiting for it to come. He asked me, "Why is my birthday only one time each year?" I explained that we celebrate the day he was born, and he was only born  on one day. He responded, "I wish I was born every day!"

Me: "Say Cheese!"

One day Reed was talking to himself in his robot voice (which is awesome). This is what I overheard, "Of all thy robots to all thy days. To thy robots who are named Reed Walker [his friend from church] and Reed Hambly. What those robots are to be explorers. Written in 1999."  

Reed thinks the word "familiar" is pronounced "vaniliar." He makes me smile every time he says it.

Trying to waddle like a penguin.
Reed is keeping a running tally of things he and I "match in." I think it started through our shared love of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Now, any time we discover something we have in common (like we both love riding bikes or have the same favorite book)--he says, "That's another thing! How many does that make?" We are up to 14 things in common and I wish I could remember what they all are!

We love our big boy!
One day, we were talking about how Kayla (our missionary) was in a new state. Reed said, "These are the states I know about: Africa, Las Vegas, andddddddddd......California." 

Reed loves to look out for his little sister and I hear him tell her, "No, no, Dolly" many times a day. He uses this funny little voice, though, so it sounds like "Nuh-y-oh, nuh-y-oh!" It's really cute.

Loving his doll.
I think Reed got this phrase from the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, if we are looking for something (real or pretend) and he spots it, he yells, "Dead ahead!" I don't know why I love it, but I do!

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