Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Star


Once Ryan and I finally cut our tree to a decent size for the room (which, may I add, required a significant amount of effort), we were ready to decorate. Kind of. First, Ryan had to replace the alternator in the Tahoe. And by the time he was finished, it was pretty late--but the boys were SO excited about decorating we decided to string the lights, put the star on top, and let them hang an ornament or two each.

The boys were quite excited about the star.

And, of course, both boys wanted the honor of putting the star on the tree. Am I surprised? No. We did what we normally do: let one go first, then let the other do the job again. (If there are two jobs we just divide the jobs between the two boys. Unfortunately, we only have one star and one tree.) Asher was up first. He was super excited--until we asked him to let go of Ryan, hold the star, and put the star on the tree. Then he started crying.
Reed was up next. He made a valiant effort, but couldn't quite get the star to stay on.

So we outsourced the job to Ryan. Thanks, babe.

Star Success.

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