Saturday, January 4, 2014



Ryan and I make an effort to make Saturdays somewhat "special." Saturday is the one day where Ryan doesn't have to work and we can go out and do something. (While Sunday is not a work day, we save it for worship and quieter activities at home.) When Labor Day weekend rolled around, we were excited to essentially have not one but two Saturdays to play. After some debate, we decided to visit a local pool (complete with water slides and a water playground) on Monday--and this girl doesn't believe in taking electronics near water, so we have exactly zero pictures of that. Just know that we had a great time; Reed got brave enough to jump in the pool by himself and let his head go underwater, which is a huge deal for him; Asher got brave enough to jump to Daddy without holding hands, which is a huge deal for him; and Lila adored the water.

I digress. We had our Monday plan. On Saturday, we decided to check out the Natural History Museum. I grew up in Vegas, and the NHM has been around for a while, but I'm almost sure I've never been to the museum before. It was certainly worth the trip, though. They had a shallow shark tank with small sharks that you could look down into (and put your hand into if you really wanted to and didn't mind losing a few fingers). We even got to watch the sharks being fed, which was pretty cool.

One of my favorite exhibits was the Egyptian exhibit. You walk in through a pyramid replica, then get to see how people lived in Egypt during the days of the Pharohs. I was also impressed by the interactive kids' center--the boys certainly had fun running around there. And, to top it off, there was a huge, moving, roaring T-Rex. Can't get much better than that!

After the museum, we decided to go to the park-and-watch area next to the airport. The boys have been wanting to stop there forver but it's not exactly convenient to our house. We got to watch big passenger-carrying airplanes take off and land from just a few hundred feet away, which was pretty cool. We next ventured to Ross, where the boys quite amused themselves by trying on various crazy hats, and finally to Cici's Pizza Buffet (woot woot).

Three cheers for Special Saturdays.

A ray being fed (the tank had both rays and sharks)
Ashie attempting to find Nemo.

Reed found Nemo! (Look directly above the bubble)
A fun digger outside the museum.

Just climbing on a dinosaur.

Looking good. (Also, sometimes Reed confuses chokeholds with hugs)

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