Thursday, January 16, 2014

California Christmas

My very favorite tag. The boys were PUMPED about the presents they secretly chose for each other. Asher got Reed megablocks, and Reed got Asher an imaginext CDA van to go with our Monsters U Play set. I think they were picking out presents for themselves more than for the other person, but it worked!
We spent a wonderful Christmas in California. Ryan had quite a few leftover PTO/comp time from all the zillions of hours he worked during tax season (that we knew he'd replenish soon!), so we took a nice, long vacation. The weather was perfect (high 70s, yes, please!), the food was great, and the company was even better.

Per tradition, we spent Christmas Eve with Ryan's cousins, feasting and watching the kids' talent show. Reed decided to do arithmetic this year--he loves math, so much. We gave him a few sums and he added them in his head/on his fingers. Lila gave a high five for her talent. And Ashie was going to do "what does the fox say?" but he got a little shy, so just watched the other acts.

We put the kids to bed, then we went to bed late. Very late. Apparently Lila was a little excited to see what Santa brought her, because she was up at 3 a.m. She was sleeping in the room with us, and had realized that a few days earlier, so she would not calm down. Finally, I fed her, she fell asleep, and I put her in bed again--only to have her wake up again. I tried nursing her laying down, but every time she fell asleep she'd try to roll and wake herself up. Finally Ryan decided to take her for a drive. She was literally asleep before he started the car. He drove around a little while anyway, to be sure she was really asleep. According to him, the drive was kind of nice--the streets were empty, but all the Christmas lights were still on.

Miss Jae was still asleep in her car seat (thankfully) at 7, when the present extravaganza began. Grandpa was the first to hear her when she woke up, and got to a have a little cuddle time before she got swooned over.
Anyway, the boys came into me a little before 7, and we headed downstairs. The cousins were all sleeping downstairs and had been given a wakeup time of 7 at the earliest. At 7, pretty much to the minute, the door flew open and a cyclone of kids came running out. It was kind of hilarious. In addition to our three kids, we had Janelle and Steve's three girls and Justin and Jenn's three kids.

Santa, parents, and grandparents were good to the Hambly kids. Between presents and kids, there wasn't much room to move around. Ashie's Christmas mainly consisted of puzzles and games (seriously, he got so many new ones), which he was PUMPED about. Ashie will play puzzles and games all day, every day. Reed got more of an assortment, but the big winners for him were the new lego sets from Grandma and Grandpa. Lila got her very first baby doll and a few toys I crocheted. She got two cute outfits that Grandpa picked out, which I thought was so sweet. We had a wonderful morning!
Friends after their late night cruise.
Ryan was the official holder of Asher and Lila's presents.
I tried to capture the amount of people.presents, but didn't do it justice at all.
Reed's pile in the foreground, more cousin presents in the back. 
Ashie wiggled in between all the presents and found an empty square foot for himself.  
Ashie loved the bows and either put them on Lila's head or his own.
Baby's first Christmas! She loved ripping all the paper. We got together with friends the next day and did a white elephant exchange. Lila saw the presents and made a beeline to them and started tearing off the paper. She learned well!
Not surprisingly, her favorite part of her new dolly is the headband, which she tries to pull off.
Despite her poor sleep, she was in pretty good spirit!
Thanks for the smile, Ashie.
Pretty pumped about skittles.

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