Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Children's Museum


After we got back from our California Christmas trip, we made a day trip to St. George to visit my grandpa. While we there, we took him to the Children's Museum (which he enjoyed {ha} as I'm sure you can imagine. The best part of the St. George Children's Museum: it's free. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love free things. Especially when they are activities that are actually fun.

We went on the Saturday after Christmas, which may have been the busiest day we could possibly choose to go. It was madness. But still fun. The kids LOVED the museum and can't wait to go back. My favorite moment of the day? One room had a stage, music, costumes, and the like. The boys donned costumes (crazy hats, an Indian vest, etc.) and pulled some amazing dance moves on stage. I don't know where they get their confidence. One thing I loved? In the middle of one room was a decent-sized area with half sized walls. The entire middle of it was covered in mats, the corners of the walls were padded, and there were things to play with attached to the half walls. Yes, it was an amazing solution for babies who want to crawl around but don't want to be trampled. I need one at my house.
Baby Jae doing her thing.

Just being presidential.

Hopefully the knight won't slay the dragon! (PS notice they are both eating their costumes. Do they ever grow out of that?)

Captain Reed, reporting for duty.

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