Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{Family History} Four Generations

The morning after we made it back home from our Christmas trip to California, we re-loaded the kids into the car and made the two-hour trip to my parents' house. My grandpa was staying with them for a few days and I wasn't sure when my next opportunity to see him would be, so we wanted to be sure to spend a day with him while he was there.

I am so glad we got to visit my grandpa. When I was little I always called him the "teasing grandpa" because he loved to tickle us and make us laugh. So you can imagine how it warmed my heart when he tickled my kids, too. After dinner, I got the opportunity to sit and visit with him for a little while. I was reminiscing about playing "applesauce" at his home in Plano, Idaho. He had a few old apple trees in the yard and anytime we visited, we'd gather the fallen apples from the ground, line them up across the road, and wait for a car to drive by. Sometimes we were waiting for quite a while--Plano is a very, very small town and not many cars drove past his house. But when a car did drive by, smashing the apples, we'd yell, "APPLESAUCE!!!" Apparently we got thrills out of simple things! Anyway, he told me that when he and his brothers were younger, they'd throw ripe tomatoes at cars driving by! Occasionally a car they'd hit would pull over, and my grandpa and his brothers would run and hide. On one such occasion, he and his brothers tried to hide in the stable but it was locked! They got caught and when their parents found out they got in big trouble.

I loved visiting my grandpa. While we were there, I wrangled everybody into taking a few four generation pictures: 

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