Thursday, January 9, 2014

Freeze frame

There are some days that just scream for a picture to be taken. All dressed up and matching for church was one of those days. As a mom, I've learned to choose my battles. And Battle Take a Decent Picture was definitely one I choose. I'm pretty pleased with the result:

But so you understand my picture-taking pain, I thought I'd share a few other gems with you:
Asher: "But why can I not eat my candy cane right now?"
And then he decided to eat Lila instead.
Nobody was in it to win it in the one.
And then Lila decided it was time to bail.
I gave them candy canes to hold as a bribe. And it kind of worked.

That is, it would have worked if Asher didn't insist on holding his candy cane in front of his face.
Cue Lila decided she needed two candy canes.
You can't see it, but know Ryan is dancing over there in the corner.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Hahaha too fun. As crazy as I'm sure it was for you, you got some fun pictures and made some funny memories I'm sure. Love your cute kids!