Monday, January 27, 2014

Lila's Party

My parents and Mandi came down to Vegas the weekend before Lila's birthday, so we celebrated Miss Lila Jae a few days early. The boys were insistent that Lila have a party with games (that she totally cared about), so we planned a "ladybug" party. We made pink cupcakes with pink frosting and mnm/junior mint polka dots and planned a few games: pin the spot on the ladybug, ladybug hunt (we hid ladybug pictures around the room), ladybug tag (where you have to crawl around to play tag!), and flying ladybug freeze tag. Lila was on my "team" and while she at least didn't have a bad time, the boys had a great time.

For dinner, we had a few Lila favorites: homemade mac and cheese, chicken, and (of course) bread. She went to town at dinner. Oh my goodness, she ate a ton! After dinner, we opened presents. At Christmas, Lila was totally in to opening presents. On her birthday--not so much. She seemed very timid and Ryan did most of the actual opening. We started a tradition this year that Ryan's dad does with his only daughter: on each birthday, Ryan will give Lila a charm that represents her year in some way. This year he gave her a dolly charm.

And finally it was cake time. We sang happy birthday. We put the cake on Lila's tray. She immediately tried to grab the candle. Ryan blew it out, grabbed the candle, and...nothing. Ryan tried to give her a bite but she wouldn't taste it. She found a cheerio on her tray and added it to the top of her cake. Then she pulled a junior mint off--and was not impressed. After that, she basically stared at the cake blankly and kind of touched it here and there but ate nary a bite! Crazy girl.

We sure love our Lila Jae and can't believe she is already one!
The door hanger Reed made for Lila.
Ladybug stuffed animal Ashie made.

Opening the charm.

Her cake....was the leaning tower of cake. I'm talented, what can I say?

She did taste her tray, at least.

Asher made a bigger mess than Lila did!
Hey mom take a picture! And I did.
The boys wanted to make presents for Lila. Reed's idea was a "sign thing to hang up in her room with her name on it." I suggested a door hanger and he was sold. I gave him the supplies, but he came up with the design himself. Asher thought Lila would like a "ladybug stuffed aminal." I grabbed some muslin and fabric markers, drew the shape, and let him color it. Then he sat on my lap and we sewed it, stuffed it, and sewed it shut! Sweet brothers!

Mama and the birthday doll, post-cake (not that you can tell)

Done with the cake--trying to get out of the chair!

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