Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Eve

We had big plans this year for New Year's Eve.

Not really.

Really, we had planned to have a few friends over, have an early new year celebration with the kids, put them to bed, then have a game night with the adults. Problem is, we didn't invite anyone until the day before--and everyone had plans.

Plan B was great, too, though. Reed wanted to make a schedule for our night and we basically followed the list without variation:

0. Bike Ride.
Lila is finally big enough to go in the bike trailer, and we've been wanting to do a family bike ride. So we finally did it! Reed rode on his bike and Ashie and Lila hung out together in the trailer--which they both loved. (Our setup reminds me of training for my relay way back in 2011!) We rode to "the grassy place" hoping to play for a minute, but unfortunately, the grass was sopping wet! Oh well. We hopped back on our bikes and rode home. Reed got pretty tired, but I was so proud of him for pushing through and riding the entire time!

1. Play/Make Dinner
The boys played/ran in the kitchen and got in the way. Lila clung to my legs as she is prone to do any time I try to prepare a meal, so she got exiled to the exersaucer, where she was happy once I gave her a pile of cheerios to munch on. And though we weren't having anyone over, Ryan and I made a feast (one that I am still enjoying the leftovers of!) Our menu: marinara meatball sliders, sweet and sour meatballs, spinach artichoke dip, and banana bread. Yummmmmm.

2. Dinner
Enjoying the fruits of our labors.

3. Dance Party
Last year's dance party was so fantastic that we decided to make dance parties part of our New Year's Eve tradition! We facetimed Lynnie's family and Grandma and Grandpa and boogied to Roar by Katy Perry. I die watching the boys dance--their moves are amazing.

4. Turbo
Reed and Asher had built beds for us while Ryan and I made dinner, so after our dance party we cozied up to the movie Turbo. I quickly fed Lila and put her to bed during the first few minutes, then really enjoyed the movie. Side note: I had asked Reed to grab my pillow for me and he got the saddest face, so I asked him what was wrong. He answered, "Well, it's just that I already got my doggie pillow for you." Um, super cute and thoughtful! I used doggie pillow :)

5. Countdown/Noise makers/Special drink
Ryan and Reed were at Walgreen's picking up our movie on New Year's Eve Day. They saw noisemakers and Reed asked if they could buy the noisemakers because, "It just won't be New Year's Eve without them." He seriously said that. Ryan decided that $1 was certainly worth making Reed's new year! Because we are sneaky, we found a video of last year's countdown/ball drop to watch. We counted down, made lots of noise, and enjoyed our Martinelli's at 8:37 p.m.

After the kids were asleep, Ryan and I watched Anchorman, which I had never seen before. Quite hilarious!

P.S. The next morning, Lila woke up with the most amazing bedhead. She slept well through the new year :)

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