Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sick Day

Poor baby Jae woke up sick one day. I went in the nurse her and she wasn't really interested (which is super odd for her), but she started eventually--and then she came off and threw up all over both of us! Both boys were a lot older than her the first time they threw up. She spent the morning throwing up three more times and having big problems with the other end, too. The saddest part? She'd be feeling well enough to get down from my lap, so we would start playing on the floor--I'd stay nearby just in case. Then she'd start throwing up and just dive bomb my lap so she could lay down. Poor baby. Thankfully, after he second nap she stopped throwing up, was just a little grumpy, and by the next day she was pretty much back to normal.

She never cuddles while awake, but we spent a lot of time cuddling that day.

By her third outfit, I sent Reed up to her room to grab something. I liked his pattern mixing :)

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