Friday, January 24, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 39

One day Asher told me a joke: "Mom what is a cow with no eyes?" (pause) "A barn! Like a barn doesn't have eyes!" Then he said, "I got another one. What is a cow with no eyes?" (pause) "Some wood!"

On Christmas Eve, Asher came out of the room 5 minutes after we put him to bed and asked, "Mommy, is it tomorrow yet?" I told him it wasn't and he asked, "Oh, what day is it then?" I told him it was still today and he popped back into his room and yelled, "Bubba! It's STILL today!"
Again on Christmas Eve, Asher told me "I'm excited for Christmas, I'm just scared of Santa, though!"
Ryan built the boys a teeter totter. They both love it, but Asher loves it the most.

When my parents and Mandi were in town for Lila's birthday, the boys shared their top bunk and Mandi slept in their bottom bunk. The boys are supposed to stay in
 their room until 7 in the morning, even if they wake up earlier. That day, though, Ryan told Mandi to feel free to send them out if they woke up early so she could back to sleep. When Asher woke up, Mandi told him he could go out. He said, "I think I should wait until 7." Reed went out and talked to Ryan, then came back to tell Ashie he could come out. Ashie  said, "But Bubba, I just really need to wait until 7." Mandi tried again to tell him he could go out, but he said, "Mando, I just know I'm supposed to wait until 7." Apparently we've taught him well! 

We were getting ready for church and I couldn't find any of Asher's usual church socks. I grabbed a pair that we don't usually use for church, but that were tan and relatively plain. (And by plain I mean they had a camouflage-printed cuff. But the pants would cover that.) Asher saw the socks and said, "What if my friends see my socks and say, 'Those are not church socks!'"

Our sunbeam!
One day Asher told me, "Mom, I don't want to get married. Or baptized. I'm just like scared of anything [I think he meant "everything"]. I'm just like not scared of toys."   

Sometimes we'll tell stories about the boys when they were babies and their favorite things to hear are the funny words they used to say. (Like Reed saying "ganya" for garbage can and Asher saying "bee bot" For Asher's spot.) Anyway, here are a list of things Asher says a little funny, for future reference: Piddow (pillow), Bitabin (vitamin), Inja (ninja), Aminals (animals), and Reglier (regular). Sometimes he says things like "sawed" for saw, and "ghostes" for ghosts, but my favorite is when he says "sawed-ed" for saw. His weirdest word has always been a weird one. He used to pronounce it "beeil." Now he says "eeil" (think of electric eel with an "i" sound). What's the word? Oil.

Epic photo bomb. The present Lila is opening in the background is actually from Asher, too.
I often tell the boys our plan for parts of the day (as in: we are going to get dressed, then go to school, then have lunch). They love knowing the plan. One day Asher asked Ryan what the plan was. Ryan told Asher that he didn't know. Asher responded, "How can you not know the plan?"

One day Asher asked me for an "eraser pen"--aka a pencil. He thinks he can erase anything and gets super disappointed when he tries to erase marker or crayon and nothing happens.

Playing with Grandma.
At bedtime, Asher likes to be tucked in. I am also in charge of tucking his monkey in. He asks me, "Mom, can you get me settled (or situated, depending on the day)?" It's super cute. A few weeks ago, we were tucking monkey in with Asher's bee ball and Asher said he wished that monkey could have a pillow. After Asher's nap, I let him pick out fabric and we sewed a little monkey-sized pillow together. Monkey uses his pillow for every nap and bed time. 

One thing Asher says that I love is "bam." He uses it all the time; e.g., "he just bammed it up," "Dolly just bammed into me," "that thing was a bammer."

We were driving and Asher said, "Mom I saw a tree but like it was white. It was like a manger tree!"
In case you couldn't see the joy on his face before!

A conversation:
A: Mom are monsters real and dead?
M: No, they're pretend.
A: What about dinosaurs?
M: They're real and dead.
A: Are they all dead though?

Another gem: "Mom I like butterflies. I just don't like when they flutter. It bugs me somehow."

We were driving and Reed was handing Asher a water bottle. Lila's seat is between them, so she grabbed the water bottle. Asher couldn't get it. He said, "Mommy? Little help here?!"

His favorite jammies. When he wears them, he asks, "Mom do you just want to hug me? I am super soft like a blankie."
One Sunday I told Asher that in two weeks he would go to primary. He responded, "(huge excited gasp) WHAT?! That is not very long!"

Asher and Reed were cleaning up their room. I overheard Asher say, "Is it playing time right now? No. Then you shouldn't be playing."

At lunch I gave the boys a pile of grapes to share. Asher grabbed grapes off Reed's plate so I told Asher that the grapes were to share. Asher said, "I just want Bubba to eat his noodles."

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Adorable pics! But funny side note: In the teeter totter picture Reed looks like he has some sortof turbo jet fire back coming out of his back. Haha!