Friday, January 24, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 12

Weight: 19 lbs., 6 oz. (45-50th percentile)
Height: 28.25 in. (20-25th percentile)
Head: 18.25 inches (80-85th percentile)

At Lila’s nine-month well-child, she had low iron. We started giving her an iron supplement every night and re-tested her iron at her twelve-month well-child. Her iron was lower. We go in this afternoon to get more extensive testing, then will make a plan with our doctor and go from there, depending on what is causing her iron issues.

One day we were playing and Lila gave me a ball to put in her ball popper. When I did, she gave me five.

Her one-armed request. And a sweet mohawk.
If Lila wants something, she stretches out one arm as far as she can with her fingers spread wide apart. She is reaching with so much force that it’s hilarious. She usually does this when she wants food or a toy someone else has, but she will occasionally do it when she wants someone to come give her five.

Apparently she'd like the photographer to pick her up.
Lila loves to give fives. When she wants one she hold her hand up in the air with her fingers spread wide. Any time I give one of the boys five or say to them, “Give me five” (which is kind of a lot), she holds her little hand up, too, because she doesn’t want to be left out.

We might have given Lila her very first sucker so the rest of us could play Monopoly.
Lila finally started clapping! It is so cute that it makes my heart hurt. I love clapping babies. The other day she was sitting with Ryan when she grabbed both his hands and started clapping his hands together. Now, if you hold both your hands in front of her, she will start clapping your hands together.

First gogurt--a big milestone in our house. She LOVED it and clutched the package for ten minutes after it was gone. Now if she sees the boys have one, she makes loud noises until she gets one, too.
Lila is getting much more confident in her cruising abilities. She will hold on with one hand and transfer to a new piece of furniture, she will hold on with one hand but really be mostly balancing on her own, and she will make her way everywhere. One of these days she might get brave and let go!

Poor LJ has super dry skin. I’ve tried a lot of different remedies, but haven’t found real success with anything. Our pediatrician suggested cerave, which I’m currently looking for, and hoping it is a miracle worker!

Always finding something to eat.
Sometimes, the world is Lila’s pillow. She gets in these funny moods where she will crawl a few paces, stop, lay her head down on the floor; crawl a few paces, stop, lay her head down on a toy; crawl a few paces, stop, lay her head down on a pillow. It’s really funny to watch. It is super cute when she chooses a person as her pillow.

If you ask Lila to “give love” she will lay her head down on whoever is nearest.

I love her eyes. And teeth.
This is random, but when I burp Lila after she eats she always does like 5-6 tiny burps rather than one big one. For whatever reason, I find that kind of funny!

When we go into Lila’s room for naptime, I grab her blanket out of her bed and put it up on my shoulder. She almost always lays her head on her blanket, which is adorable. Her main blanket is a cute fleece one with a snowman print that her cousin Hailey made for Lila for Christmas. She also likes pinky. Another fleece blanket can stand in in a pinch.

She is so loved by her brothers.
The only words Lila consistently says are “mama” and “buhbuh” (brother). One time I swear she said “nana” when I gave her a banana, but she hasn’t repeated it. And a few days ago, she put a hat over her face, then pulled it off and said “boo”—but again, no repeat performance. She did start shaking her head “no” on January 2. We were in the kitchen and I held out my arms to her and said, “Come here, baby.” She shook her head no and stayed rooted in place! Then she smiled. I asked her to come again and she cracked up and crawled over to me.

Lila is a little bit crazy and stands up in her high chair, which makes me a little crazy. And no matter how tight I buckle her into a grocery cart, she manages to wiggle to her knees, turn around, try to grab something in the cart, and take a nosedive into the cart (true story). Now she just rides in the back!

Lila loves opening and closing doors and putting small toys inside larger toys or buckets, then taking them back out over and over again.

If Ryan's guitar case is out, Lila immediately goes to it--it's the perfect size for climbing and playing on.
Lila finally learned how to crawl down the stairs! After refusing to even attempt, she made her first sojourn down on January 1. A few times she’s even started herself out “piggies first,” but she often tries to go down face first. We’re working on that.

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