Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 61

We were driving somewhere one day and out of the blue Reed said, "Mommy, the things we see most here are houses, dirt, rocks, bushes, trees [the he thought a minute] annnnnnnnnd airplanes." He's completely right, too.

Tired Santa?
We were on a family bike ride the other day. I had Asher and Lila in the bike trailer and was riding next to Reed. We were on a winding stretch of sidewalk and Asher was trying to get Reed to wave. Reed quickly waved then said, "Ashie, I can't wave any more right now. I have to focus on this." Since then, he's said "he has to focus" a few more times when he's trying to do something that involves a lot of concentration.

Ringing in the New Year
We went out to look at Christmas lights one night and Reed said, "I can't believe they have so many lights and they didn't even have a blackout. That uses a lot of electricity!"

He built this lego airplane he got for Christmas with only a little help from Daddy. Don't mind the explosion surrounding him.
The same night we were looking at lights we saw a Santa on a roof. Reed said, "It would be funny if Santa saw that and was like awwww another Santa is doing it!"

Reed and Daddy have a special bond. They love building together and lately they've been reading chapter books together. Reed has surprisingly great retention. He will tell me a very detailed account of what they read the morning after they read it. Ryan and Reed also teamed up to write a book together called "Mystery Monster." It's awaiting illustration and I'm very excited to read it.

Riding a dolphin!
Reed got two new Lego sets for Christmas. The first set he and Ryan built together. For the second set, Ryan supervised, but let Reed try to figure out the directions. Reed did such a good job--he built a decent-sized airplane set about 90% by himself. I was pretty impressed.

Reed has always been a good brother but lately he's even cuter than usual with Lila. Before every nap or bedtime, he makes sure to give her a good hug--and he's super bummed if he misses giving her a hug. He asks periodically throughout the day if he can hold her (he's pretty pumped that he's big enough to stand up, grab her around her middle, and hold her off the ground). He calls her "Lie-lou pie-lou pumpkin eye-lou" and has a sweet little voice he uses with her. He is super vigilant about watching her, grabbing things out of her mouth if needs be. If she is standing up, he can pick her up and scoot her away from whatever danger he is sure is going to befall her. He is so sweet!

Playing with the water table he saved up for.
Reed is a saver. Last year, he saved up spare change and coins we gave him for helping with extra jobs around the house and amassed about $50 over ten months, which he used to buy a scooter. As soon as he bought his scooter, he started saving again. He really wanted a water table, and he kept that goal in sight while he saved up for about nine months and had about $40. He had enough money in December--so that's when we bought the water table. We tried it out with water and nearly froze, so we are using it as a dry table until summer! We are now saving up all together for a family trip to Disneyland!

The boys each say a personal prayer each night. Asher still likes having help, but Reed likes to say his on his own. And he usually waits until Ryan and I leave the room to say his prayer. On Christmas Eve, I had helped Asher say his prayer, reminded Reed to say his, then was walking out the room when Reed said, "Wait Mommy! I want you to hear part of my personal prayer!" I stayed to listen and the part he wanted me to hear was this, "We thank Thee that our God in heaven could be born." It was so sweet. And I was so happy that after a night of partying and being excited for Santa to come he remembered what was really important on Christmas. 

Matching chairs with Dad.

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