Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 62

One day Reed decided that the boys should play scouts. He told me, "I am the scout master. Of course I am a master." Asher was the scout and I was the helping teacher. They pitched tents (bean bags), roasted marshmallows (balls taped to swords held over an orange backpack), and went exploring (into the storage area under the stairs). It was, in a word, amazing. 

Dance move!
Reed really likes to wear beanies around the house. I've noticed on multiple occasions an odd pucker in the beanie on his head. On further inspection, I find that he carries various items around in his hat. While it's on his head.

On the subject of carrying things around in odd places: one morning Reed was wearing foot jammies and said, "Hey mom, you want to see something?" He unzipped his jammies to reveal a library card holder stowed in the leg of his foot jammies. 

We were talking about Lila's cake and what kind we were going to make. Reed asked, "But what about our family goal to eat healthier?"
Giving me the stink eye.
I can't remember what Reed was commenting about, but he said, "It's all jacked up." I asked what he said and he got a funny little smile and said, "It's all messed up." I told him what I heard him say and he started giggling nervously and said, "Just don't tell Daddy!"

The other night Reed came up to me, held a paper up, and started "reading" it (the paper was covered in zigzag lines). He read in a robot voice, "Note to Mommy. Tonight. Look under. Your pillow. The thing you see you need to make for me to. And put under my. Pillow." Then back to Reed voice, "But the things that say Mommy need to say Reed." Under my pillow that night I found a card he'd drawn. I replicated (minus the mommys) and put it under his pillow.

M is for Mustache at preschool.
The other day Reed told me, "I have all the supplies I need to make your valentine!" He had computer paper, sticky notes, and one red and one pink crayon. He drew me a cute little card and used the sticky note to make a flap.

Reed is very thoughtful. In addition to the notes he made for me, he made a note for Ryan and "hid" it on Ryan's drums. Later, Ryan was in the office at the computer (the office also houses the drums) and Reed said, "ummmm Daddy? Maybe you should like turn around? And like look around the room?" Ryan "found" the picture. It was an R+D surrounded by a circle with an A next door in a little circle. Apparently, it was Reed and Daddy reading their chapter book. Asher kind of reads with them, but mostly just plays, so he was in a different circle.

Reed got Monopoly Crazy Cash for Christmas. It is SO much fun. We all love it and he asks to play it all the time!
I've finally started working on reading with Reed, who is so pumped to learn. We are reading BOB books together and I am super impressed by his "sight word" memory. He remembers so many words that we read! He is still getting the hang of sounding out. He knows the sounds the letters make and will say them all out loud. He's totally saying the word but doesn't really hear himself saying it. When I say the exact thing he is saying, it clicks and he knows the word. I'm excited to watch him figure it out.

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