Sunday, January 19, 2014

Travel Town

We go to California kind of a lot. And, a few trips ago,  Ryan and I realized that we often don't really do anything while we are in California (beside seeing family, which IS awesome) and that maybe we should start doing things. Recently, we've ridden the train, gone to Olvera Street/Chinatown, and Skirball. This trip, Ryan's mom found a new gem for us: Travel Town. And guess what? It's free. You know how I love free things. Travel Town is called a museum--but it's outdoor, and there are tons of old, gigantic trains to look at and even a few to climb around in. I haven't spent a lot of time around trains--and by not a lot I mean last time we went to California and rode Amtrak was my first time on a train and this trip to Travel Town was my second time on a train. Trains are huge. Seriously gigantic. It's a little surprising. 

The boys loved Travel Town. The weather was beautiful, so it was great to be outside. They could be loud and excited without causing too much of a scene. And who doesn't want to climb on a huge train? Ryan and I enjoyed reading the history behind the trains there. Lila enjoyed wiggling around enough that she could stand up while buckled into her stroller. We kept putting the buckle tighter and tighter until we found a point where she could still breathe but couldn't stand up. Crazy one. On one of our next California visits, we plan to go back to the Travel Town area because there are tons of hiking trails and picnic areas winding through the surrounding hills.
(This is one of the outfits Kent choose for Lila for Christmas. SO CUTE. Don't mind her lack of shoes!) 

Asher was obviously super pumped to stand on that ledge.

...but I kind of don't blame him. He was high off the ground!
Inside one of the train cars.

I love this girl. Ryan was pushing her in the stroller and an older man came up to him and said, "You're with the cutest person I've seen all day." 

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Claudia/Rob said...

Wow. That looks like so much fun. Ryder would love that place! He is obsessed with Trains! :) You and your family look like you have some great adventures!!