Monday, January 6, 2014

Who Are You? A Topic for Each Week of the Year {Week 1}

Back: Dad (Jack), Mom (Lexie), Mandi
Front: Lynnie, Me, Kenny
My last post on family history was supposed to be a brief introduction to this project--but I got a little carried away. As part of the family history work I do this year, I want to record my own history. I got a handout from church that has a topic or question for each week of the year to help you in writing your own history or in writing someone else's. I don't really have the opportunity to talk to a grandparent, but I feel like there's no time like the present to start my own history. I hope to find time each week to answer the question, right here on my blog.

1. Where were you born and what were the circumstances of your birth? Were there other children already in the family? How did your parents choose your name?

I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 13. My mom's water broke at a ward party, which must have been an awkward surprise for her! I asked my mom about my birth story several years ago for an assignment at school--which of course I can't find now--but here is what I remember from what she told me. The hospital was decorated for Christmas at the time and my mom was in pretty heavy labor by the time she got to the hospital. A nurse was pushing my mom in a wheelchair at a rather brisk pace when they turned a corner and crashed right into a Christmas tree. Luckily, my mom was fine, and I was born (in the delivery room, thankfully!) soon thereafter.

My mom's doctor was sure that I was a boy. In those days, ultrasounds weren't routine and not usually performed unless there was a problem or question about the baby's health. Based on the way my mom carried me, measurements, etc., the doctor told my mom I was a boy. My parents had picked out the name Joshua for me. They were quite surprised when their baby was not a little boy but instead a redheaded little girl! Their first obstacle as parents was choosing a new name, as Joshua would no longer worked. The doctor suggested the name Priscilla. My mom immediately turned that down--definitely not an option. That's when the doctor told my mom that Priscilla was his wife's name. She was a little embarrassed! My mom and dad tossed around names for a while before settling on the name Megan, which means pearl. (The meaning didn't have anything to do with their choice, but I remember learning the meaning of my name during a family home evening lesson when I was really young. I loved that my name meant pearl and apparently that is something that has stuck with me!) I don't have a middle name. My maternal grandpa thought it was kind of silly for girls to have middle names because then, when they got married, they had four names (assuming they kept their maiden name). None of his daughters have middle names. My parents continued that tradition, and none of their four daughters have middle names, either.

I was my parents' fourth child. My older siblings are Mandi, Kenneth Jack, and Jenalyn (Lynnie).I have one baby sister, Kayla.


Brooke & Skyler said...

I love this idea! I Was just thinking that I wanted to start writing down more of my history but didn't even know where to begin...maybe I'll tag along with you!

Megan said...

You should, Brooke! I'd love to read yours!

Mandi Rolfe said...

I want to do this too! Can I have a copy of the list you go so I can tag along? Thanks.