Monday, February 10, 2014

Being More Fun (How's that for a terrible title? Is that grammar even correct?)

Reed and I? We used to do fun things all. the. time. (Proof.) Once Asher got big  enough to join, the three of us did fun things, too. (See? And again?) But since Miss Lila Jae entered the picture, crafts and activities that are more involved than crayons and the toys we always used have just seemed like too much effort and too much mess! That kind of sounds terrible as I read it again. But really, I've found that the biggest change for me with having three kids (even now that I've been doing the whole three kid business for a year) is time--or lack thereof. I can never find enough time to clean, play, feed, cook, etc. So there certainly isn't time to prep for a craft or clean up after a craft (the horror).

But. I've been thinking. And I realized that while I don't really love the mess or the prep, I do love doing the activities.

And so do they:
(Salt and ice experiment. Here.)

So while I'm not going to say that fun activities and crafts are going to be a daily (or even weekly) occurrence around here, I am going to say that crafts and activities are going to happen more often. Because I like them.

And people are certainly a lot less grumpy around here when we do fun activities.
(Qtip painting. Templates here.)

Even if that fun activity is a chore disguised as something fun.
 (sorting/organizing tupperware lids)

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