Thursday, February 27, 2014


Sometimes, these brothers fight like crazy and can't stop bugging each other.

And sometimes they share a stool and say, "Mommy, look how cute we are! Take a picture of us!"

I'm so glad they have each other. Right now they are each others' best friend. They do everything together. They depend on each other. Reed climbs into bed with Asher when Asher is scared. They crack each other up. They do experiments together--like the one where Reed holds a cup over each of his eyes and Asher shoots water directly into Reed's face. They love to match--the other day I put them in matching shirts and together they decided to wear matching pants, shoes, and hairstyles. They give each other rides on the back of the trike. They sort all the wheel pieces out of their building toy, divide the wheels evenly, and build buildings together. When Reed has quiet time and builds k'nex, he builds a duplicate of his creation and leaves it outside Asher's door so Asher can play with it after his nap. I hope that they stay friends growing up and that they always have a special bond.

I sure love these boys.

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