Monday, February 17, 2014


A few notes about the bath:

1. Reed likes showers. Asher likes to take a bath. Lila doesn't have a choice. I usually make Reed get into the tub with Asher while I shower, with the promise that Reed can hop in the shower when I'm done. Usually, though, Reed is having so much fun with Asher that he wants to stay in the tub. 

2. The tub in the master bedroom is way bigger than the boys' tub. Slowly but surely, the toys have migrated bathrooms and now the boys take nearly all their baths in the big tub.

3. My babies all have uber-sensitive skin. Lila's is even worse than the boys. So we don't really do bubbles very often--if we do it more than once a week, their skin gets really irritated. I don't even usually buy bubble bath. But then I was cleaning out my bathroom drawers and guess what I found? (If you didn't guess bubble bath, you haven't been reading #3 very closely). The boys were PUMPED. And when Lila joined the mayhem she was more than happy to eat the bubbles. Yes, eat. What do you do about that?

You'd think she would stop after the fist taste.
Caught in the act!

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