Monday, February 17, 2014

Love Day

First, humor me for a moment as I shed a tear or two over how big my babies have gotten. Sigh:

And now back to the business at hand: Valentines Day. Can I tell you something? Vday=not really a big deal to me. Seriously. Ryan and I don't love going on a Valentines date because, well, a two-hour wait is not my idea of romance. (Kind of ironically, though, our fake first date was on Valentines Day.) I'm not really a flowers-and-chocolate kind of girl, either. And now? Valentines Day falls directly within the bounds of busy season--so Ryan isn't even home to celebrate much anyway. We'd rather celebrate our first date anniversary (which also falls within busy season. Lame.). But. We do like to have some Valentine fun with our three little ones.

Lila would not hold still. So I asked, "Where's Lila?" and she immediately stopped moving and put her hands on her head to play peek-a-boo.
The boys were excited for Valentines Day this year because they both had Valentine parties for school to attend. They loved making Valentines for their friends and were beyond pumped to give them out. Asher's teacher for the day told me that Asher was the most excited not to get Valentines but to give them out! They worked really hard on their Valentines and their cards and treats turned out pretty cute (in my opinion at least). I let them look at a few ideas I found on Pinterest and choose what they wanted to make. Reed did Valentine s'mores and Asher gave a shovel with M n M's that said, "I dig you." Awesome.

Jae=the problem child of pictures.
The kids and I actually had kind of an eventful day on Valentines Day. It started, of course, with a photo shoot. Next we went to the church so I could practice the organ. The boys LOVE going to the church because they get to play with all the toys in the nursery.

We got home, put Lila for a nap, then the boys and I got our craft on. They worked on perler bead placemats while I painted a shelving thing for their room. We had a lot of fun and their placemats turned out to be super cute. They've used the placemats every day since!

After Lila's nap and lunch, we went over to a friend's house to decorate Valentine cookies and to play. The boys had so much fun decorating cookies! Asher is finally big enough to do a decent job of spreading frosting, so I even got to decorate a few cookies while I visited with Karinne and enjoyed myself. Honestly, it was the most enjoyable sugar cookie decorating experience I've had since having kids!

Reed's place mat.
Ryan made it home in time for a not-too-late dinner, woot woot. For dinner, Reed realllllllllly wanted to make pink heart-shaped pancakes. So we did, of course. I love a good breakfast for dinner! After the kids went to bed, Ryan and I put a show on. I'm pretty sure he fell asleep in approximately 10 minutes--he's been going in to work at 5:30 a.m. so he can get home before bedtime, and he's pretty exhausted. We sure love him.

Asher's place mat.
 All in all, a good Vday, I think.

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