Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 40

I've found that I kind of often repeat what Asher said in a different way to make sure I have his meaning clear (he talks in circles sometimes). Lately, though, Asher will respond, "That's just like what I said!" or "I like mean that!" I find it to be pretty cute. 

Sometimes your hat is the perfect way to carry your guys.
I don't remember why, but one day we had Asher nap in the master bedroom instead of in his. I put songs on for him on the apple tv--he choose Christmas songs and was SO pumped to hear them. Now he wants to nap in there every day. He always says, "Mom can I like sleep in your room? But like on your side of the bed. And can I listen to the Santa sleigh songs?" He gets on kicks where he wants to read the same book every time he takes a nap. His current book is David Gets in Trouble. The previous book was Leonardo the Terrible Monster and before that was Froggy's Day with Dad. At bedtime, though, he always chooses a different book. Oh, and if Reed tries to come in while we are reading? Asher yells, "BUBBA! Go out. This is Mommy and Ashie time!" At night, Ryan and Reed read their chapter books. I put Lila down, then Ashie and I get to read a book and play together--we both love it, because our Mommy and Ashie time is pretty limited!

Photo bomb.
Asher and Lila have a special little connection. They love each other and drive each other crazy at the same time. But often Ashie will start playing with Lila and she just cracks up. They do goofy things together and I love to watch them play.

I asked them to smile for the picture. If you can tell from his profile, Ashie is totally smiling but too busy building his base to look at the camera.
Sometimes Asher will tell me, "Mommy just so you know...." the proceed to tell me something that's usually pretty mind-blowing ;) 

One day Asher said, "Dolly is the one who toots a lot. And Daddy. Daddy is the smelliest one in the family!"

We babysat friends one night. Asher and Reed loved having them over. As they were going upstairs Asher told me, "Mommy, the boys and the grills are going upstairs!
Lila sneezed on Asher and he said, "Polly bless youed on my face!" (Side note: we started calling Lila "Dolly" pretty much from day one. Asher has also decided that "Polly" is appropriate because Polly rhymes with Dolly.)

Asher is still loving school and it has been so good for him. He used to get so nervous when we were going somewhere and he knew other kids would be there (like church or a friend's house or even the library). He'd tell me, "I don't like friends" or "I don't like kids." Now, though, he LOVES to go to school and see his friends. And, a few of his school friends are in his church class--so he loves going there, too! He has even become less nervous when we're going to be around other kids he doesn't know. I'm so proud of him! In addition to social skills, he loves to learn. He recognizes and knows the sounds of most of the letters now, and his writing gets better every week.

His writing practice from school one day.
One day I was upstairs when I heard Asher say, "Dolly do you know what no means?! It means no!" I'm not sure what was going on but hearing him say that phrase was pretty hilarious.
Sleeping on mommy's side :)
Still loves his bee ball.
Lila scratched Reed in the car. Reed asked her to stop and she burst into tears. Asher immediately said, "Dolly, you can scratch me!" in an effort to cheer her up. He was totally serious, too. For the next few days, anytime she cried in the car Asher told her, "You can scratch me!!" 

The "Peekaboo Guy"
Sometimes Asher says, "Mom, if anyone's looking for the peekaboo guy, just tell them he's right here!" Then he'll lift up his shirt to show my monkey hiding in the waistband of Asher's pants.

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Nicolas said...

Reed and Asher are both so different ... but both completely adorable and hilarious. I love reading your monthly updates.