Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 13

Girlfriend thinks this chair belongs to her. She figured out how to climb into it by herself and now any time she's near it she has to sit in it! Notice her tongue--she sticks it out a lot!

Our thirteen-month-old doll has started communicating quite a bit! Honestly, her biggest form of communication is shaking her head no. Whenever I try to do her hair or buckle her into her car seat, she immediately starts shaking her head no. Which in part is hilarious and in part makes me crazy. She occassionally says "nuh nuh" for "no no" while she shakes her head, but it's usually just the shake. She does say "mama," "dah" for "dad" (though this is increasingly becoming "dada"), "buh" for "brother." She has started doing this intent one-handed stretch toward things she wants. She pointed once, but usually it's a full hand reaching with all her energy for the desired item.

Just getting a drink from brother!
It appears that we are going to delve into the wonderful world of food allergies. Ryan has food allergies and, honestly, I've just been waiting for one of the kids to break out in hives. (Okay, Reed did once, but his case of hives is still unresolved). Anyway, I was making PB&Js for the boys. Dolly was on the counter by me (so unsafe, yes) because if she's not on the counter she flips a lid and screams while she holds on to my legs the entire time I prep a meal. She was reaching toward the peanut butter with all her might, making her signature "uh! Uh! UH!" which means "give me some NOWWWWWW!" I thought, "Well, she's one now...we're in the clear!" and handed her a baby spoon with about 1/4 tsp. of peanut butter on it. She sucked on it for a minute, then decided she wasn't interested. Five minutes later, her face and right wrist were covered in what was unmistakably hives. Her poor little eye was swollen and I was in a panic. I knew it had to be the peanut butter. I called the doctor, and they determined that Lila was likely having a surface reaction, since she'd ingested to little. They advised me to give Lila a bath and watch her for breathing troubles. The bath cleared the hives up almost immediately, and thankfully breathing was never an issue. If such a small amount of peanut butter led to hives, though, I don't even want to think of what a larger amount would do. Poor doll!

In the bath, post hives. The redness on the right side of her face and her chest are the fading hives (they had cleared up a lot at this point) and her right eye is still a little swollen and pink in the picture.
Baby Jae loves peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo is the one thing that is almost guaranteed to calm her down when she's mad. I often have the boys go tell Lila that I'm coming when she wakes up from a nap (she is kind of a grumpy waker-upper). If I take too long to go in, she starts complaining. If one of them starts playing peek-a-boo with her, she starts cracking up. And if you ask her, "Where's Dolly?" she puts both hands on her head in an attempt to cover her eyes.

Just helping with the dishes. How tough are her sleeveless onesies?
We accidentally discovered that Lila LOVES to play catch! She was fussy, so I was holding her. Asher wanted me to play catch with a plush ball, so we did so while I held Lila. And she about died she laughed so hard. She'd hold out both hands for Asher to throw it to her, then giggle as I walked her over to him, where she'd drop the ball into his waiting arms. It's ridiculously cute.
One of her favorite drawers to empty. Also one of the most hodge-podge drawers in our house.

Lila enjoys filling things up and dumping them out. We have these plastic balls that snap in half and Lila loves to snap them apart, put something inside, dump it out, put it back inside, dump it out...repeat. She also loves to empty the bottom drawer in my bathroom while I get ready. Lately, I've set her up on the counter beside me so she couldn't get to the drawer--and she started taking everything out of the basket of stuff on the counter.

Dolly's signature hairdo. It comes from ripping out the cute little ponytails I put in her hair.
Ryan is officially into busy season and the kids officially miss him. In the morning after I feed Lila, I usually take her in to say "hi" to Ryan. She has started holding her hand to the door and saying "da" once she's done eating. Lately, though, he's gone before she wakes up--so she crawls around the house saying, "Da.....da....da..." I'm pretty sure she's looking for him.

I was trying to take a stealth picture...
...and she caught me!
We were in Primary for opening exercises last week, waiting to hear Ashie give a talk. They were doing a little activity to get their wiggles out that involved clapping and touching their heads. Dolly totally started doing it with them! It was super cute.

Trying to grab Reed's toy...
...and she got in a little over her head.
I had planned to start Lila on whole cow's milk right at her birthday. I was a little worried she'd have trouble with it (she had trouble whenever I ate too much dairy), so the doctor suggested I wait a few days after her appointment so that if she had a reaction I was sure it was from the milk and not the immunizations. Then we had the peanut issue, so I had to wait a little longer to be sure that was cleared up. We finally tried milk--and she was NOT a fan. I think she was more upset about not nursing than she was about the taste of the cow's milk. To be fair, we always nurse after she wakes up from bed/naps and for her first taste of milk, I got her out of bed, sat in our usual spot to nurse...and gave her a cup. She flipped a lid. The next time I was smarter about it but the milk was still a no-go. I asked a few friends for advice. One suggested I warm the milk--and thankfully, that did the trick! She is now pretty good about drinking her milk. I still sit with her and hold her (otherwise, she's too distracted to drink anything--and if I give it to her with a meal, she ignores it)--but she actually drinks the milk now! A few days ago, I got her from her nap, grabbed her milk out of the fridge--she got super excited--and then stuck the milk in the microwave. She burst into tears and cried for the 35 seconds of heating. When I got the milk out of the microwave, she started giggling and reaching for it--super cute.

We have a milk drinker!
She tends to spit out full mouthfuls of milk if she gets too much, so she always drinks bibbed.
I mentioned before that Lila's iron was low again at her 12-month appointment. We had to go see a specialist, which was a little bit of a nightmare--we were in the waiting room for 1.5 hours and in the examination room for another 1 hour before we saw a doctor for a total of 7 minutes. Anyway, Lila has iron-deficient anemia, which apparently is pretty common. If we treat it now, it's not a big deal. I give her a prescription iron supplement (it's more concentrated than the over-the-counter drops) twice a day and gave been trying to focus on implementing more iron-rich foods into her diet. We have a re-check in two months, when hopefully her iron levels will have increased!

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