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Who Are You? A Topic for Each Week of the Year {Week 5: Home}

Week 1: Name/Birth
Week 2: School

5. What were your childhood home and neighborhood like?

The first house I remember is the Powderhorn Circle house. I'm not actually sure if my family lived in that house when I was born, but it is definitely the first house I have concrete memories in. Lynnie and I shared a bedroom. The bed was a trundle and I think we took turns sleeping on the trundle bed/real bed. Mandi and Kenny had their own rooms. Our backyard had a swimming pool in it and a pretty good-sized tree. We had a rabbit run in the back for a while, too, but then the rabbits started burrowing under the wall and turning up in the neighbor's yard, so I think we had to give them away. In the summers, a lady from our ward would do swimming lessons in our pool--so we always took swimming lessons from her. My best friend Lauren lived only a few streets away on Pagosa Way, which I loved. I don't have a ton of memories from that house, but I do remember being out with Lynnie and Kenny (and Mandi?) selling something for their school fundraiser when all of a sudden it started hailing. We were being pelted with huge hailstones, so we ran home. We were a little bit surprised.

When I was in Kindergarten, we moved to Summerlin to our house on Jadecrest Drive. We had the corner lot so our backyard was gigantic, especially by Vegas standards. We again had a pool and it had an awesome waterfall going into the jacuzzi. The pool also had a water slide, which was a lot of fun. Lynnie and I shared a room again, and Mandi and Kenny had their own rooms. The room I shared with Lynnie was across the hall from Kenny. Next to our room was a Jack-and-Jill type bathroom that connected the hallway by our room to the huge family room. When Kayla was born, my parents had a contractor add a wall and closet and made a chunk of the huge family room into a small bedroom. Lynnie took over that bedroom and, once Kayla was out of the bassinet, Kayla shared with me. I actually really enjoyed sharing rooms with someone. When Lynnie and I shared, my mom let us get these huge wall stickers to decorate. My stickers were  Beauty and the Beast; Lynnie's were 101 Dalmations. My mom then mae quilts that tied together the colors from the different stickers. She's impressive like that. When Kayla and I shared, my mom made quilts with this cute doll/girl pattern, then copied that pattern to paint a doll on the wall. That may sound odd, but it was really cool. When Mandi went to college, Lynnie moved into Mandi's room. When Kenny left for his mission, I got to move into his room. By then I was ready for my own room. I loved it. Mandi and Kenny both had sweet waterbeds, and Kenny had left behind (of course) his huge stereo. My mom and I spent a day sponging the walls blue, then adding multi-colored star stamps everywhere. Basically my dream room at that age. I know it may seem odd that I'm adding so many details of decorating, but I'm kind of impressed my mom let us do so many different things and was always game to help us paint or create our ideal room!

We spent a lot of time swimming through the majority of the year. Our pool was heated and Vegas winters are very mild, so it wasn't unusual to go swimming in November. My best friend, Jenna, lived just down the street from us. Alex, who I was first enemies with then later best friends with, lived a few houses down from Jenna. Mallory, who I became great friends with in middle school, only lived two streets away. Hilary, a grade school best friend, lived in the next neighborhood over. And I made friends with Lindsey, my next-door-neighboor, and Katie, a school friend who moved in down the street. Essentially, there were friends everywhere and certainly in walking distance. Our backyard was kitty corner from our church. And across our back wall, there was a huge lot of land that held the middle school (Becker), a park (Hills Park), and the elementary school (Lummis). When we moved in, the schools weren't quite finished yet, so I attended Katz for Kindergarten. In first grade, though, I started at Lummis. Lynnie and I would meet up with Jenna, Hilary, and Jessica (Hilary's sister) and all walk to school together. I walked to school with those same friends (plus Alex and Mallory later) from first grade through eighth grade. We frequented Hills Park all the time. It was a huge park with two playgrounds, tennis courts, pavilions, and a big amphitheater for outdoor concerts. Behind the amphitheater were a huge grass field and baseball fields that the schools used for P.E.I ran many, many laps around those fields. Between Lummis and the park was a small creek. There was a bridge connecting the park to the schoolyard. We spent a lot of time playing at that park and in those schoolyards!

My family moved to St. George the summer after my eighth grade school year. Lynnie, Kayla, and I were the only three left at home, so we all got our own rooms. Lynnie and I had rooms across the hall from each other downstairs. There was a bathroom between our rooms, and a huge unfinished room across the way from us. Kayla's room was upstairs, directly above Lynnie. None of my friends really lived near us until Anjuli moved a few streets away from us around our junior year. Kitty corner from us, though, were the Remunds, who are still good family friends. Brother and Sister Harris lived down the street from us--I'd dog-sit and plant-sit for them while they were out of town. One time I made jam thumbprint cookies for Sister Harris and she LOVED them. The Johnson family lived down the street from us, too, and I'd babysit for them a lot. I also occasionally babysit for the Trumans, also down the street. A few streets away from us was a neighborhood park. My family went on a walk every Sunday, and we'd often end up walking through the walking path around the park. The park had a decently sized duck pond that smelled terribly. Our dog, DJ, got away from us a few times and went straight into the water to try to catch the ducks. She was quite stinky when we finally retrieved her! The church was just down a few streets from us, but we were never on time enough to walk! Before all the houses on the back street of our neighborhood were built, we could easily find a starting path to hike up the hill we lived on. At the top of hill (which was actually an inactive volcano), we could see all of St. George, which was beautiful. One day it snowed (!) and Lynnie, my dad, and I hiked up the hill to see the entire town covered in white.

My parents still live in the St. George house. When we first moved to St. George, I was anything but happy. But now I love their home and have many happy memories there!


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it was kind of weird reading this ... it's like we lived the exact same life. Seriously. Maybe you could just start journaling from me, since I didn't do that much when we were growing up:)

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