Thursday, March 27, 2014

Driveway Dance Party

One day, it rained.


When it rains in the desert (even if it is only a drop or two), we try to take full advantage of the experience. So when it started raining (sprinkling) last week, we donned our jackets and headed outside for a walk. First, the boys did a driveway dance party, where Reed demonstrated "the kind of dance I like to do like when we're campin' and I can't get on the ground." Aforementioned dance included a lot of booty-shakin' and some finger pointing and fist pumping. Yes, it was fantastic. (Side note: his dance moves usually include break dance-esque antics all over the floor.)

Things got REAL goofy. I was dying. Lila enjoyed watching her brothers go crazy and bobbed her little head along. And, well, her leggings just kill me. Don't mind her socks, Ashie Bee picked the socks out and thought they looked spectacular.


Eventually, we made it off the driveway and the boys shared an umbrella (to shelter them from the four or five drops that fell) while we walked to the mailbox.

Isn't everything just prettier when wet?


Ashley said...

Your kids kill me! They are SO cute! Those are some great pictures, of what I'm sure was some really great dancing!

Mandi Rolfe said...

LOVE these pics!!!