Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reed's Favorite Shoes

Reed has a favorite pair of shoes. They are a very simple pair of shoes, but apparently he loves them because he can get them on by himself and the stripes are pretty cool. He wears them at every opportunity.

Then the shoes started falling apart and looking really, well, homely. They were pretty cheap, so I wasn't surprised. I told Reed we'd just wear them for playing outside and such, but that I didn't really want him to wear them to school. He was, of course, SO upset.

Then the elastic of the shoes got SUPER stretched out. Like he would step out of the shoes at least once each time he wore them. I knew it was time for the shoes to go, but wasn't excited about breaking the news to Reed. The final straw came, though, when he was walking down the driveway, he stepped out of his shoe, fell, and smacked his head on the road.

The shoes had. to. go. And oh, was Reed upset. He cried. And cried. And cried. Finally, we came up with a solution.

1. Take a picture of the shoes. By "a picture," I mean several. From every angle.
2. Cut the fabric off the shoes. (I'm not joking.)
3. Create something with the fabric so he can always remember the shoes. (He's still deciding between a bean bag or a pouch.)
4. Next time we go to Costco, print the pictures to be put in a photo book.

We do not let go of things lightly in our house. To Reed and his shoes--RIP, shoes.

P.S. Why does he smile like this now??

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Oh my gosh! Poor little guy. Can't let go of the favorite shoes. I would be super sad too though. Wait to go on coming up with a super solution!! Wait to think on your toes. :)