Friday, March 21, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 41

We like to listen to music in the car. One day, our CD of church songs came on. Asher said, "Mommy, I don't like church songs. But I'm like okay with church songs."

He was helping me cook. I asked him to say cheese and he could NOT keep his tongue in his mouth!
The boys were playing with some sea creature toys. Reed said, "This is an electric eel. It can kill people." Asher responded, "But I like every people bubba!"

Kind of gross, kind of hilarious.
On laundry day, I asked Asher to get his blue soft blanket (his go-to) so we could wash it. He melted down. He was so distraught but finally had an idea: we'd take a picture of blue soft "so I won't forget him!" We took a few pictures, then he happily tossed his blanket into the washing machine.

A few of my favorite words he says: "nest-es" (nests), "alsowy" (also), "May-you" (Mayo). He loves to request a "ham sam with may-you and cheese." Which actually means cheese melted on bread with nothing else. Reed and I were having ham sandwiches and Asher wanted a ham-sam, but like with no ham. Reed was having mayo, so of course Asher wanted mayo with his cheese. I knew that he would not love that, though (he hates sauce, dressing, and dip of any form), so I just went with cheese. It was shredded cheese, so I melted the cheese so it'd stay on the bread. And the ham sam with may-you and cheese was born.

Asher has been working hard at zipping, buttoning, and at buckling his seatbelt in his new carseat and he has made a lot of progress!
Awesome Asher phrases from songs: "Bouncin' to the tire" (Real line: "dancin' through the fire" from Roar by Katy Perry). and "chop everything down!" (Real line: "drop everything now" (from Taylor Swift).

Sometimes Asher gets upset that he hasn't done something perfectly well. I bolster him by telling him he gets better each time and he'll catch on. One day I told him "good job" for something and he said, "I just get gooder each time!"

He built this. By himself.
We were doing school together one day and he responded, "This is easy!" to everything we tried. But when I asked him if he wanted to do something else, he definitely wanted to do school--just wanted to let me know that it was easy for him :)

Super awesome tower, super awesome pose.
Asher's number one used word: totally. (Or totawee as the case may be). As in, "Asher, do you want to go to the park?" Asher: "I TOTALLY want to go to the park!" or "Should we make cookies?" Asher: "We TOTALLY should!"  Or "Do you think Daddy will like this picture?" Asher: "He will like TOTALLY love it!"

They are so goofy!
One day I had to wake Asher from his nap. He still takes a solid nap, but if he sleeps past 4 p.m. he won't go to bed at night. He rolled over and immediately said, "Have you ever had umbrellas in the bathtub?!"

When Asher is deciding something, he usually asks me, "What would you pick if you were teeny?"

One day I was in the boys' room while they changed into pajamas and Reed told me that Asher likes to sit in the laundry basket to get undressed and say he is the laundry monster. I peeked in the closet and, sure enough, underwear-only Asher was in the laundry basket and yelled, "GRRRRRR! I'm the laundry monster!"

Asher's joke: What do you call a cow with none eyes? Hey cow watch where you're going!!

He got stuck :)
Reed lately has been telling me he's going to explode unless X happens. Asher has picked up on it, too. An example: Asher: If you don't take me home I'm going to explode! Me: I am taking you home. Asher: you made a good choose cause then I won't explode! *A note on choose: he often says "it's a hard choose!" or "it's a hard decide!" which I think is uber cute.

For the past 7-8 months, Asher's self-proclaimed colors have been pink and purple. Asher and I were coloring together yesterday morning and I was about to start coloring with a pink marker. The following conversation ensued:

A: Mommy, don't use those grill colors!
M: I thought you liked girl colors. What about pink and purple?
A: I gived up on pink and purple.

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