Friday, March 21, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 14

For whatever reason, Lila is a big fan of me holding her cup for her. At mealtimes, she doesn't like to have her cup on her tray--she'll often push the cup off when I put it there--and prefers for me to hold it for her each time she needs a drink. When I give her her milk cup, she turns my hand over and puts her cup in my hand for me to hold. She's so silly.

Dolly suddenly really cares about her "lovies"--specifically, her crocheted giraffe (she likes something I made!), her snowman blanket (from cousin Haley), and her London bear (from Kayla + Grandma). After her naps, she usually stands up holding one of these items out to me, then I grab her and the item, then she makes a noise and reaches back for her crib, so I grab item number 2, then she makes a noise and reaches again, so I grab item number 3. Only then is she content--she grabs it all and lays her head down on top of her stuff, leaning against me. SO cute. When I put her down, she cuddles with her stuff while we rock, then I lay her in bed and hand her her stuff--she grips it tightly and just giggles practically. She is a doll.

I was holding Lila's sock one day and asked her where the sock went (not expecting a response). I was surprised when she lifted up her little foot! Since then, whenever I have shoes or socks, she holds up her feet for me. She also gets upset on occasion when a shoe comes off and instead of putting it back on (for the fifth time!), I take the other off. She certainly has opinions.

On March 18, Lila started doing a fantastic bear crawl. I don't remember the boys doing this, and I really love it. She crawls with her legs and arms straight and her little bum up in the air. It is SO funny. In the last few days she has also been getting so brave, using me to stand up or just pushing off the ground to stand, then balancing for up to a minute before sitting down! She still hasn't attempted steps, but I'm hoping these are signs that walking is coming soon!

Lila has discovered the boys' Mega Bloks. She really loves taking them apart. And, if I hold a block for her then hand her individual blocks, she can stack them up pretty high!

I just love the way babies eat.
Sometimes Lila will stop at the top of the stairs looking down and just start yelling. All I have to say is, "Go piggies first," and it's like she remembers she knows how to go down stairs--she immediately flips around and goes crazy-fast down the stairs. It's kind of hilarious.

I wasn't feeling well and was lying on the ground reading a book. So, of course, Lila used me as a stool to get onto the coffee table.
If Lila ever "disappears, " the first place I look is the boys' room. The boys' room is, of course, home to the choking hazards, so it's her favorite place to be. Really, though, she loves their room because she loves them. She goes to their room because she is looking for them. If she's downstairs with me and hears them upstairs, she almost immediately takes off for the stairs. I love it.

Really though, how cute is she in shorts?
The other day Asher and Reed were riding bikes and Lila was in the stroller watching them with me (per usual). I asked her, "Where's Ashie?" and she immediately pointed to him, then started waving! She's not really a pointer, so I kind of loved it. She doesn't like watching the boys ride bikes if the stroller is stationary, but loves when we go on walks with the boys while they ride bikes.

Lila LOVES this little bike. She can't go forward, but scoots backward like a madwoman.
Lila has started to give kisses! Really, kisses are more like open-mouthed attacks to the receiver's face, but I love her kisses nonetheless. If you ask her to give you a kiss, she giggles, open her mouth, and dive bombs your face. It's amazing.

Can you guess who she's looking at? $5 it's one of the boys.
At bedtime, Lila loves to wave to the boys, then give them five. She's particularly adamant about waving and fiving Asher when he goes down for his nap. Lila has been able to clap for a while, but doesn't really do it frequently. I think she forgets she knows how--but when I say "yay!" and clap, she starts smiling and applauding.
Lila's hair has really started to come in and it gets darker all the time. She won't leave anything in it. The back is starting to curl up as it grows in!
Lila makes a LOT of noise, but not a lot of variety of noises. She has some sounds/words that mean very specific things. "Mama" and "Da" I think are pretty obvious (Mom and Dad). She says "Buh" for brother (Asher and Reed), but she also says "Buh" for "boo!" (as in peek-a-boo). Today I was trying to get her to say "Baby" and she was trying SO hard, and ended up with "buh...buh....bee....beee..." Love her tiny voice. 

Lila has eleven teeth that have broken through her gums and is working on one more (I think). She was a nightmare for her first molar, but, thankfully, her second molar just broke through without much issue.

Just using the lid as a chair.
Sleepwise: Lila sleeps from 7 pm-7 am and naps twice a day, usually from 9:30-11:15, then from 2-3. Her afternoon nap is kind of issue-y, but she does NOT do well with one nap (which we get to experience on Sundays, when she misses her morning nap at church). I have worked SO hard on Lila's sleep habits. She is not a naturally good sleeper. But, if I keep a consistent routine, she does really well. It's interesting--small disruptions really, really affect her, whereas small changes didn't really disrupt the boys. For example, if I let her sleep in for more than 15 minutes past her usual wakeup time, her first nap is super short (even when I adjust waketime). If she's more than 30 minutes late for a nap, her naps morphs from 1.5-2 hours to 20 minutes. I work hard to get us out of the house around our schedule, which usually works pretty well, and if she stays on schedule she does great! We stayed at my mom's house last weekend and my mom ended up putting Lila down for bed one night and for a nap another day. My mom commented on how good Lila is about realizing it's nap time and cuddling up and settling down--how she was a good little baby and a great sleeper. Honestly, I hadn't really considered that, since I've had so many issues with her sleep. Every time we get it figured out, something throws us for a loop again. But she was right! Lila will be partying with the boys and cracking up, and as soon as I take her in her room, grab her stuff, and sit in the rocking chair, she (usually) settles right down. We rock for a few minutes, sing a song or two, and I put her in bed. And she generally goes right to sleep. The times she struggles more I almost always find her blankets and stuff on the ground post-nap, and assume she threw them out before falling asleep and had to fall asleep without them, since she doesn't usually throw stuff after she wakes. She is a content little baby and puts up with a lot from her brothers, a lot of stroller time, and is usually pretty chill. We sure are lucky to have her.
She almost always has something in her mouth but is pretty good about handing whatever the item is over if you ask what she has.
Lila still gets super mad while I'm trying to make dinner. I have to either distract her by putting her up in the boys' room with them before I start (which she loves), or by letting her be on the counter with me and providing her with a pile of snacks. Otherwise, she holds on to my legs and cries!

Lila is a climber! She is pretty short so is not usually successful unless she's got a step to use--but she can find a lot of steps. She will use almost anything to boost herself up (k'nex boxes, me if I'm on the ground, stuffed animals, various toys, etc.). She loves little chairs (we have a few kid-sized chairs) and will climb up and down, up and down, over and over.

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