Monday, March 3, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 63

One day the boys were fighting and Reed said, "Asher I love you and I know you love me so shouldn't we play together?"

Reed calls Lila "Lie-lou." He LOVES her and is super cute with her.
Reed has taken to saying, "If we don't do _______, I'm going to explode!" (He doesn't mean in a mad way, just like in a silly way...I think.)

It kind if freaked me out when you called me Reed. You usually call me refer or bubba or something. 

Reed is very methodical and really values precision.
One night we were waiting for Ryan to get home from work. I thought he should have been home by that point and I wondered aloud where he was. Reed said, "Nuggets! Where is that dad?" He saw "nuggets" or "awwwww nuggets!" all the time for "oh no" or something similar.

Reed found a penny on the road and exclaimed, "That is the dirtiest penny I've ever seen!"

Just swinging his hat around.
One day Reed told me, "I kind of like being dizzy because it makes me dance better." 

We were looking for a Valentine show to watch on Valentine's Day and the only two options on Netflix were Angelina Ballerina or Barney. We watched Barney for a few minutes, then Reed asked if we could switch to a different show because Barney, "was like kind of lame."

And then it turned into a dance move.

Reed and Ryan have been reading chapter books together for a while now and Reed really impresses me with his reading comprehension! He totally gets it and loves to summarize the story for me. I think it's helped him with his reading skills, too. We've been working on reading BOB books. Honestly, he easily tires of it. He really wants to read, but he doesn't love the process, if you know what I mean. Now that he's learned a lot of sight words, though, (only from reading the books) and has figured out sounding out, he does enjoy the basic books and does a good job of reading them. We are moving on to a little more difficult books with blends and different letter sounds and they are tripping him up a bit. He'll get it, though!

Woot woot.
One day Reed wanted to sleep in the same bed as Asher at bedtime. Asher is usually all for this, but for whatever reason, he didn't want to. We told them to work it out. Ryan overheard Reed reasoning with Asher, "Asher. If you like cuddle with me I will let you choose TWO shows in a row. TWO!" (They take turns choosing what show they can watch, so this was a big deal.) It totally worked.

Aaaaand he got so dizzy he fell over :)

One day we were outside and Reed starts doing this dance where his legs are spread wide, his arms are pointing to either side, and he's shaking his hips/booty like crazy. He said, "This is my dance move for like when we're hikin' or when I can't do moves on the ground!"

At lunch one day, Reed was trying to figure out how breadcrumbs are made. I suggested a smasher. He thought it was probably a puller with like a robotical arm--I think he might have learned that from How It's Made.

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