Saturday, March 1, 2014


I had this plan. For a photo. You think I would have learned by now that with Lila, photos I envision just kind of don't happy. (Proof times three.) You see, we have kind of a tradition that's started in our little family. (I think it started here.) Reed and Asher are obsessed with number candles--so on their birthday, they get a number candle on their cake. Then we take a picture with said candle, and it's super cute.

Well, neither boy had a picture with their first candle, because said tradition was not really in place. But Lila got her one candle and by golly was I going to get a one candle picture.

Did it work? No. As it turns out, the tasting qualities of wax are something a mother's desires for a good picture just can't compete with.

Buuuuut I probably shouldn't complain, because I did at least get a shot of the candle fulfilling its purpose.

Oh, Lila.

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Nicolas said...

Fun tradition! And I love how trance-like she is in that last picture.