Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hike 1

We have been making good use of our National Parks Pass of late. It does help that we live a mere twenty minutes from Redrock and that our boys love to be outside. On one such outing, we decided to hike in Calico Basin, a new one for us. On this particular hike, Asher was dubbed the "Hiking Ninja." Let me explain something about both my boys: they are not risk-takers. They've never been the type to climb onto high things or jump off things they shouldn't or pull dare-devily stunts. That's just not in their nature. They are both quite cautious. On this hiking excursion, though, Asher threw caution to the mind. Perhaps it was because the rocks were so easy to climb. Perhaps it was because the hike was a different kind of climbing than we've really done before. Whatever the reason, he was hilarious and fantastic. Usually, approximately five minutes into a hike, Asher complains that his feet hurt and asks when we are going to go back. This time he seriously did not complain once. He climbed on rocks, jumped off rocks, said the phrase, "Watch me do THIS now, guys!" about 1,000 times and had a fantastic time. We even had to slow him down a few times because he was making us nervous. Reed had a fun time, too, but true to form was much more cautious than Asher. And Lila stayed awake for the entire hike (I was quite surprised) and was perfectly content to sit in the backpack carrier. I love where we live!

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