Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recent Happiness

I've been trying to actually do something with the pictures on my phone so that I can delete them and have more storage space--so here I am, doing something. Enjoy some of my favorite phone pictures:

If Asher isn't up from his nap by 3:30, I wake him up or he won't go to sleep at bedtime. I don't usually have to wake him up, but when I do I can't help but smile at his cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness and sleeping children, this picture just kills me. Hugging her giraffe, her ladybug under her arm, laying on her blanket, her bum in the air, and her ankles crossed--it's just not fair!

Ashie loves his new bee-ball soft!

Lila is obsessed with my cup. She has to have a drink any time she sees it. 

Another sleeping Ashie. He's just a cute sleeper!

I love this girl!

LJ flips a lid when I make dinner. I usually let her sit on the counter, but one day she just couldn't stop diving for me--so I put her in the high chair with a snack in the kitchen--and it actually worked!

Reed loves math, so much. He's getting really good at single digits! We've started working on adding numbers that go into double digits.

Lila loves to give the boys fives when they ride bikes.

These two are SO goofy together. They were trying to hold this cup between their face and just dying laughing. Check Reed's photobomb, too.

One day we made quite the marble track. Or marble tube, as the case may be.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

You've got some goodies! I can't get over Lila's bum in the air and crossed ankles. And REed's photobomb is also pretty great. :)